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  1. metallica_dillon

    The first two I got about 7.5 as a max with the average being about 5.5. On this one my average was about 32.7 and the max was 55.6. So much better for me with the tweening on.

  2. Rainy

    25-37 FPS on my AthlonXP 3000+ with a GeForce 7600GS.
    Flash quality setting doesn’t seem to affect it.
    Pretty good for this system, although there is something like a 1/5 second long freeze every two seconds…

  3. Nick Arnold

    I’m getting a constant 60 FPS and my system is what I consider average to slightly below average i-5 with 8 gigs of ram and a crappy GeForce GT 545

  4. Katalysor

    NvidiaGeForce GTX650
    8Gb Ram

    and i’m getting an average of 60 FPs with 59.6 as the lowest and 60.7as the highest rate
    MEM: usually around 33 Min:27.5 Max: 37.5

  5. Tamatsu

    Solid 60 :love2: :stars: . Ok, it jumps down to 59.6 or something sometimes, but still. Don’t know why that one guy with the i7 is getting such low frames. His machine must be set up badly. Just ignore him.

    1. Valthek

      I’m not sure what you mean by average machines, but on my i7 with GT 555M, i’m hitting 30-35 frames, which is not what i’d call spectacular.


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