EBF5: Version 1.35 on Google Play

Version 1.35 of EBF5 is live on Google Play. If there’s no serious issues, I’ll disable the debug features soon and do the full release.

Here’s a list of changes in 1.35:
Fixed missing animation which caused some weird errors in the shop.
Fixed cat enemies occasionally having no skin selected.
Fixed the color of Lance’s space helmet and Scottish cap.
Fixed how phone resolution is checked – made sure it doesn’t interpret it as portrait mode.
Fixed the Squid, Dragon, Hydra, Devourer and Gigalith summons so they touch the edge on wider resolutions.
Fixed Google sign-in prompt not appearing if silent sign-in failed.
Fixed the position of the links at the end of the game, and from dungeon guard NPCs.
Added a possible fix for the battle softlock, waiting to see if it helps.
Added a Cloud Saving menu on the main menu – it’s no longer a hidden feature.
Added the green color back to Anna’s Magical Skirt – I don’t like it but it’s in the item description.
Added translations for the menus and other small changes. (for most languages)
Optimized the slime minigame – two overlapping backgrounds were loaded during seasonal events.
Updated Google billing API – hopefully this changes nothing for users, but keeps Google happy.

Version 1.34 came out earlier as a very small update, here’s what was fixed in that one:
Snow Bat attack animation softlocks the game.
New hat colors on Lance softlock the game.
Screen orientation may be wrong when starting the app.
Foes summoned by bosses are not in the correct positions.

2 thoughts on “EBF5: Version 1.35 on Google Play

  1. Guil

    Its saying 1.36 now… Is that like an update to fit with the play store regulations of updating a game often so it doesnt get deleted?

    1. Ronja

      Like mentioned in the post, the game has been updated once again to remove the debug features, and to be released in full.


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