Wishlist the EBF Collection

Hey guys, the Steam store page for the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection is up – you should wishlist the game so you’ll be notified when it launches!

I still need to make a trailer, fix some minor bugs, and set up the soundtrack DLC (which will be free). There’s not very much work left to do, but it’s very boring stuff, so I’m taking my time with it.

The EBF Collection will cost $8 and include EBF1, EBF2, Bullet Heaven, Adventure Story, Brawl Royale, Mecha Dress Up, The Kitten Game, Cat Cafe, and a bunch of prototype games and artwork, and 150 Steam achievements!

10 thoughts on “Wishlist the EBF Collection

  1. Axer

    Thx Matt,
    Been looking forward to these.

    Played the free versions back in the heydays of kongregate and had a ton of fun.
    Happy to pay any price you’d ask. I’m confident from your other ultra high quality steam releases it will be well worth it.

    Plenty of people charge tons of money for a hour or two hours of content, which is often crap quality. These games are awesome, and I’m sure will be the best version of them yet.

  2. leaf

    I have been waiting for this news until now. I wanted to play a game that I couldn’t enjoy because of the Adobe Flash dropout.

  3. Anonymous

    another P2P game?!
    as long as these games are beatable in 1-2 days is it possible to make occasionally free weekends so F2P can play it, otherwise i won’t play the web versions until the copyrighted characters and musicare sencored otherwise i’ll download the mobile version of these games. otherwise until a new F2P game

    1. Joey1414

      hopefully you realize that creators of games are people as well and need to make money on products just like everyone else.

      1. Anonymous

        i know that all devs needs money. but for just a small games that are finishable in 2-3h? it’s a steal like someone said on tweeter
        also letting us playing the glitches imitated version and charge us for a cleaner version is unfair and may cause problem by laws (unless he either change the appearance just like other game i.e same in appearance and different in content or just no one cares about it!)

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          You can play these games for free – the web versions are still out there.
          If you don’t want to pay, then you can go play those.

          1. Anonymous

            at least replace the copyrighted music and characters to make them same in look and different in content

          2. CJF

            at least the idea of free weekend is cool hope it’ll occasionally be considered asap

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