Monthly Archives: March 2022

Cool Flash/AIR update!

The latest version of AIR/Flash for Desktop has enabled the option to turn off anti-aliasing!

This was a critical feature in the browser version of Flashplayer for improving performance, but for whatever lazy reason, Adobe never cared to include it in the Desktop version. Game devs have been asking Adobe for this feature for 10 years!

HARMAN, the new company which is managing AIR/Flash, added the feature immediately when asked about it.
Flash’s customer service has improved dramatically after its death!

I’m making this blog post to point out that porting Flash games to Desktop is trivially easy now.
The lack of the “LOW” and “MEDIUM” anti-aliasing options meant that Flash games on Desktop required twice the CPU resources compared to browsers, but now that’s no longer an issue. For my games, I had to use very awkward work-arounds to add these anti-aliasing options – it cost me a couple of weeks of work and frustration, and the games still have some bugs because of it.

Any developers following my footsteps will have a much easier job porting their games today.
(feel free to ask me for advice if you want)

Hopefully this doesn’t come too late to be useful!

Anyway, what this means for EBF5 is that it won’t need stupid workarounds to work correctly anymore.
In a future update, it could:
• Use “windowed fullscreen” mode in different resolutions – no need to change the monitor resolution with QRes.exe anymore. (This also makes it easy to add support for a bigger variety of resolutions)
• The “fullscreen”, “exit” and “save” features won’t time-out anymore, this is a bug that slower machines encounter.

There may be other advantages I haven’t noticed yet!

Epic Auto Pets

Me and my friends have been playing Super Auto Pets lately, so here’s some fanart.
I assumed it was a crappy mobile game at first, but it’s actually pretty deep, while being easy for beginners to jump into.

Oh, and I only realised afterwards that the game already has a sloth.

War in Ukraine

Hey guys, I’ve been quiet for a while. I couldn’t bring myself to post anything on social media when there’s a war going on so close to home. I’ve got relatives in Poland, Lithuania and Finland that are getting a bit nervous. I think it’s more important that people pay attention to the news rather than anything I’m working on.

I don’t think I even need to point out that war is bad – everyone loses. I hope that Putin is overthrown ASAP and that Ukrainians and Russians don’t suffer too many losses before then.

Since the UK government is doing nothing to help refugees (or even its own citizens), I figured I’d give my money to charity instead of paying taxes. I hope it goes to good use in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and other troubled regions.

I’ll get back to regular updates soon.