EBF5: Software Gore

On most Android devices, if EBF5 runs out of GPU memory, graphics simply do not display.
But for one guy, they do stuff like this…

Credit to Dripsgore from the EBF Discord.

Anyway, I’m currently finalising the translations and working on fixing the last few bugs in the EBF5 Android version.
This process could take a while, but you can play the game now if you want.

8 thoughts on “EBF5: Software Gore

  1. Rbstat

    Honestly the first one looks pretty cool. I almost thought it was some special area, that was only for mobile.

  2. Flashlight237

    For some reason, I can see this becoming a feature in EBF5 or a spin-off of sorts.

  3. Page

    So this is what happened wwhen the Devourer deleted the planet… thank Godcat it was reverted…

  4. Sticks

    Pretty cool actually, looks like it was being corrupted but of course it wasn’t, just visual bug.

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