EBF5: Bonus Rewards

Back to work. Trying to make adverts fun in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.
This seems to be the most acceptable way of doing it – they’re totally optional but you get a +30% boost to your battle rewards if you watch them. And of course, you can pay once to get the +30% boost permanently, and never watch an ad again.

Overall, the EBF5 mobile version is almost done! Just gotta fix a few rare bugs and translate the small amount of new text.

Anyway, last month there was a problem with my Google account and my games could not be purchased on Android – this has been resolved!

If you didn’t already know, EBF1, Brawl Royale, and Mecha Dress Up Game, are available on Android.

12 thoughts on “EBF5: Bonus Rewards

  1. strawberrica

    this is great because you can choose to only increase rewards from high-reward battles (cosmic monolith, golems, chompers, hydra, mammoth, bossfights) but if the base rewards is less than the original, how much impact do you think that would have towards progression if players chose not to watch ads?

  2. Page

    Got a question: Does the reward increase work as if it’s restoring the Steam version’s original rewards (eg. You cut the existing version’s rewards by 30% or something) or not?

    1. Ronja

      Yes that’s correct. Rewards have been cut by 30% from the PC version, and by watching ads you receive the original amount of rewards.

  3. Katezu

    Hey Matt.
    As a child I loved to play your games. EBF3 was my absolute favorite game this time. No other console / PC game could compete with it. While I was still able to play EBF4 on my aged Computer, this senior died before I was able to play Ebf5..
    Im so glad to hear you are porting this to Android and I only want to say: Take my money! 🙂
    Do you think about porting your other games, too?
    I would love it!
    Keep up your amazing work.


    This will be great, I like the idea that you’re slowly implementing ads as well. It would help me know that I can somehow support you while I have no money.

  5. franco

    Hi Matt, it’s the first time I’ve published here, and I just wanted to give you my support in your ebf ports, I still remember when I was a boring child and I always played all your games because they were my favorites, and I still do, I have him Too much affection to your games and to you for how incredible you are, greetings from Chile and I hope your other ports! Take care!

  6. Eduardo

    Just excited for the android version of the game, i fell in love by the second game when i was a boring child, so right now i could even play on my smartphone never thought this could be true, thx Matt!

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