EBF5: 25 New Weapons

Hey guys, as you know, I’ve been working on the mobile version of Epic Battle Fantasy 5, and this version will be getting some new and exclusive content – an extra 5 weapons for each player, which is 25 in total!

They’re all iconic weapons from big franchises – you’ll surely recognize most of them. I spoke with a copyright lawyer, and it turns out companies can only trademark characters – they can’t trademark the likeness of a basic object such as a weapon. Therefore it’s totally fine for me to use weapons like the Master Sword or Portal Gun in my games.

I’ve always been a big mobile gamer, so I figured that my favourite gaming platform should have the best and most complete version of EBF5. Not everyone has a PC, but you all have phones, right?

Anyway, these powerful weapons will be $11.99 each, and will only be available on April 1st every year. For the rest of the year, they will vanish from your inventory.

I hope you’re as excited about this scam as I am.

7 thoughts on “EBF5: 25 New Weapons

  1. Gliga Alin

    Hey Matt, if the game will be launched officially, then will be the same with EBF5 on Pc? I mean all unlocked dungeons, EBF3 and 4 foes
    And maybe this will be free? Because some people can buy the game from Steam if they like your game and want to support you


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