EBF4: Sound Effects

Hey guys, in my last post about Epic Battle Fantasy 4, I mentioned that I would be replacing some low-quality sound effects… well that turned into quite a big task – It’s taking about 3 days. I’ve been replacing the worst offenders, but also balancing sound effect volume, and making sure multiple sounds of the same type don’t play at the same time. In the end, the game is going to sound a lot more like EBF5 than EBF3, and you should be able to play it quite comfortably with the sound effect volume up high, where as before this would have been painful due to the massive volume fluctuations.

Anyway, I’m sorry that I’ve not been working on the EBF Collection – I’ll get back to that when I finish this EBF4 update. I’m also working on some private stuff behind the scenes, which is taking up some of my time.

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