EBF Collection: The Kitten Game

Hey guys, I’m doing a quick update on The Kitten Game. Here’s what’s new:

• A soundtrack by Phyrnna, made up from old, unused tracks, including a couple of very silly ones.
• 12 new achievements – nothing challenging, but they should add a tiny bit of extra gameplay.
• An auto-clicker option that’s enabled by default – no more hand pain!
• Volume controls and quieter sound effects – no more ear pain!
• Copyrighted characters have been replaced with look-a-likes, as usual.

That’s all. This stuff shouldn’t take very long. I just need to carefully consider how powerful that auto-clicker is going to be, so it doesn’t change the original pace of the game too much.

4 thoughts on “EBF Collection: The Kitten Game

  1. Lucas Yew

    Will the new recollection ever have a launcher & save file securer that works in Mac OS?
    Aside from the major browsers trying to disable swf running by default, for the last few years if you ever set cookies to vaporize upon closing them for security reasons they also blasted flash games’ save files. And the Steam version doesn’t run on Mac OS AFAIK, so it’s incredibly frustrating for a fan…

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Flash cookies don’t get erased if the swf file is running locally from your computer. As far as I know, that’s a problem with web browsers only.


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