Fanart: Epic Crossing Battle Horizons

Hiya Folks!

It’s going to be a busy news day with the American election happening and we’ve got plans to stay up late with snacks, drinks and friends (over Discord) to catch the action live and make a night of it. America we are rooting for you!

To balance out, here is some extremely cute Animal Crossing: New Horizons fanart of Anna and Natalie from 神奇斯波兰克-.

3 thoughts on “Fanart: Epic Crossing Battle Horizons

  1. Jpx0999

    hey matt,i have a question for you,WHY when you capture a monster in ebf5 but in the portuguese language the game ust don´t show the menu for namming the captured foe?…

    1. Ronja Post author

      Because of some unpredictable issues that arose with naming foes with non standard English characters, you can sadly only name them in the original English version of the game


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