Fanart: Minecraft Skins

Hi Folks!

Autumn means it’s time to shut yourself inside and play all the games you bought over summer (or the past 10 years) that you never played until now. Or, you could just, play through the same three games for the millionth time just like everyone else.

On a completely unrelated note, here are some really cool Minecraft Skins of the EBF gang from y2k_bug.

5 thoughts on “Fanart: Minecraft Skins

  1. Jpx0999

    now i will get matt skin and make a gold sword whit unbreakble IV ad SMITE III
    and name it §e§l HEAVEN GATE´S
    (that way the name is yellow and is … thicker?… well…)

    but serious… something is missing….
    WHERE IS NO LEGS??????????????????????????????w!!!!!111111111

    1. Anonymous

      no legs is too small so it would look weird if it had a minecraft skin as it would have to be the same height as the other 4.

      1. Jpx0999

        you can make part of his skin don´t have anything and then the legs look like no legs(ironic) and then just don´t wear armor


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