Fanart: Lazarus

Hiya Folks!

Here’s some badass fanart of Lazarus, someone you’ll be able face off against in Brawl Royale as part of the upcoming Epic Battle Fantasy Collection.

Art by Sigve.

3 thoughts on “Fanart: Lazarus

  1. Jpx0999

    if lazarus really used hacks in the animation?
    how tha bruh he still is ¨defeated¨
    and how OP was matt in that time?
    that mean somehow matt is lossing power whit the pass of time
    since in the first game(brawn royale is the first) he just cut the planet in half,but in following games he can´t use that amount of power anymore(or at least don´t need\seem\want use)

  2. dan000b781

    NGL, a remaster or remake of One More Final Battle would be an amazing addition to the classic collection. I won’t hold my breath, though.


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