Fanart: EBF Crew

Hi Folks!

We are getting more and more back into the groove of actual work and getting things done, which is nice after a slow period. A big chunk of our socially distant socialising with friends now happens in Among Us, and our love for the game is as strong as ever.

Here’s a lovely fanart of the EBF gang as crewmates from YamashitaSasa.

3 thoughts on “Fanart: EBF Crew

  1. Jpx0999

    Natalie:i saw lance vent

    everyone:i belivie in you

    lance:it´s not me,don´t be dumb,if i tried kill all of you i woun´t even hide

    anna:i don´t belivie in you,the objective of this game is lie anyway

    matt:i belivie in lance but i belivie more in natalie

    no legs:miau(act as if he know the true impostor but woun´t tell anyone)

    everyone vote in lance*

    lance was not the impostor*

    everyone:wait WAHT

    natalie:okay… i din´t expected that…

    matt:actually,i can´t know if you voted in lance by personal hate or just because he is sus

    anna:maybe she is the impostor

    matt and natalie:why?


    natalie was not the impostor*

    matt:okay,i think we need stay together and maybe we-



    anna:you din´t get it?even if we stay together it woun´t work,we have 2 crews and 1 impostor,the impostor could only kill one more and they win… we need vote out the impostor out now

    matt:soo,who is?

    anna:maybe is you?

    matt:it´s you

    (matt and anna vote in eachother*)

    no legs:miau miau miau(act as if already win this game*)

    matt:wait a second,and no legs?

    anna:he is too cute to be a impostor

    matt:serious?okay,we already losse anyway,IF is nolegs we are doomed because we voted in eachother…

    anna:… and if is not him,this mean our victory is in his ha-…

    nolegs voted in anna*


    anna was not the impostor*

    impostor win*

    no legs was the impostor*


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