Pixel Golems

Hey guys, I was wondering if tracing over EBF art would make drawing pixel art faster… but nope, not really. If you set a swf file to low quality and scale it down, you’ve essentially got aliased pixel art, but it’s very messy and requires so much clean up, that I basically ended up redrawing everything. These golems are the biggest pixel creatures I’ve drawn so far, and they took way longer than all the others for sure. I really wonder if pixel artists get much faster with practice, cause what you see below took a little more than a day to do. Animating pixel art of this quality must take a painful amount of time, especially since you often can’t motion tween it like with other 2D art. I can see why most games doing pixel art stick to Terraria levels of detail and animation quality.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll eventually make a game using all the pixel art I’ve been doing, but the foes definitely won’t have more than 2 animation frames.

Anyone tried doing pixel art? How long does it take for you?

3 thoughts on “Pixel Golems

  1. Jack

    I think the reason your “pixel art” takes so long to draw is that it is not very pixelly at all. The whole point of pixel art is to suggest shapes without actually drawing them in details.

    I mean, basically everyone agrees that Hyper Light Drifter is a gorgeous game. Have you tried to compare the in-game character models with your own work? A character is about 10 pixels wide!

  2. Imperata

    Well it usually took me a few hours but I just started recently, so I assume it’s gonna take less time as you go

  3. Jpx0999

    ruby golem uh?
    now we need the topaz golem and we know how the ¨topaz\ruby¨ golem was when he was not merged


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