Fanart: At the End of it All

Hey guys. Here’s a big fanart from Troisnyx, who if you recall, also did the vocal versions of two EBF5 songs – one of which is used in a secret battle, and the other in the EBF Fanart Collab video.

We actually met up yesterday for the first time, so I’ve got a print of this for my wall now! She seems cool.

Ronja was sick so she couldn’t be there, and they’re both quite gutted about that. At least none of us has the corona yet.

4 thoughts on “Fanart: At the End of it All

  1. Jpx0999

    i don´t think i count te GOD figth as a secret battle,since it´s only needed progess to figth him…
    it´s almost the same as say the devourer figth is a ¨secret¨ boss…

    god is a optional boss and devourer is the final… but god is cleary NOT a secret boss

    aa better example of secret boss should be snowflake or ¨the glicth¨(i will not write the canon name here)


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