EBF Collection: Mecha Colors

Hey guys, I’m currently working on what will probably be the most time-consuming addition to the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection – adding color changing to Mecha Dress Up Game!

This is something I wanted to add to the game when it was first made, but it seemed like a lot of hassle to get working. Turns out it is indeed a lot of work, mainly because I need to specify which exact sections on each part change to which colors. It doesn’t help when a lot of the parts are animated.

The game’s been re-programmed in ActionScript 3, so this means it can finally use the right and middle mouse buttons to make navigation easier. For a many years, Flash could not use those buttons. I’m also gonna add a screenshot button, and a new soundtrack!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what people make in this, as Steam makes it incredibly easy to share screenshots.

9 thoughts on “EBF Collection: Mecha Colors

  1. Belyayev's-Fox

    So what do you plan on doing after finishing the EBF collection? I’m curious to see what game genres you plan on doing sooner or later.

  2. Joseph Howard

    Great! Are you also including Adventure Story and Cat Cafe and Kitten Game to EBF Collection?

  3. Jpx0999

    i thing this actually is a very good idea

    and now i am thinking

    you already heard of some mods for ebf5 rigth?

    ins´t possible do NEW foes for mods using the sprites createds in the mecha dress up?


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