EBF Collection: EBF2 Done!

Hey guys, I’ve finished updating EBF2, and I’ve put it up on my Patreon if anyone wants to play it a bit early for whatever reason.

Here’s the full list of changes.

To sum it up:
• Tons of minor bugs fixed, including many unreliable descriptions.
• Some major bugs fixed, including defence upgrades doing nothing.
• A handful of completely new skill bonuses; many just for fun, some quite useful.
• Some new sound options, and ability to play the soundtrack in the credits.
• Foe lifebars show HP values.
• Players can use normal attack OR Limit Break.
• Players can choose from 4 bonus skills instead of 3, removing some luck.
• Skeleton minigame scales with difficulty settings and is easier overall.

Overall these changes won’t be hugely noticeable, but they do make the game much more fair and balanced, and a bit easier overall. There’s more viable character builds for Epic mode now.

3 thoughts on “EBF Collection: EBF2 Done!

  1. David Zhang

    Add a new difficulty mode: FANTASY

    +100% stats, new effects, only one reliable (but not perfect) solution…tough


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