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EBF Collection: Brawl Royale plans

Hey guys, the next game I’m updating for the EBF Collection is Brawl Royale. I opened up the source .fla file to find that it’s been slightly corrupted by the ages, and won’t open in any version of Flash besides Animate 2020, which does not support ActionScript 2. Long story short: I’m reprogramming the game in ActionScript 3, which luckily isn’t very hard, since the game is basically a short slideshow.

Anyway, being in AS3, it does mean the game could quite easily run on mobile in Adobe AIR, and it only needs one button to play, so maybe that’s something for me to consider later.

But not yet.

For now we’re sticking to the desktop, and the two major changes you’ll see in the game are:

• The copyrighted stuff will need to be replaced; including music and a few characters.
• I’m adding 4 difficulty modes, and you won’t be forced to play on the stupidly hard one. You also won’t be able to cheese the game by remembering the exact timing of the stages.

EBF Collection: EBF2 Done!

Hey guys, I’ve finished updating EBF2, and I’ve put it up on my Patreon if anyone wants to play it a bit early for whatever reason.

Here’s the full list of changes.

To sum it up:
• Tons of minor bugs fixed, including many unreliable descriptions.
• Some major bugs fixed, including defence upgrades doing nothing.
• A handful of completely new skill bonuses; many just for fun, some quite useful.
• Some new sound options, and ability to play the soundtrack in the credits.
• Foe lifebars show HP values.
• Players can use normal attack OR Limit Break.
• Players can choose from 4 bonus skills instead of 3, removing some luck.
• Skeleton minigame scales with difficulty settings and is easier overall.

Overall these changes won’t be hugely noticeable, but they do make the game much more fair and balanced, and a bit easier overall. There’s more viable character builds for Epic mode now.