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Hey guys, a few days ago I was on the Newgrounds Podcast with three other Flash game developers: Psycho Goldfish, Tyler Glaiel and Steve Castro. We talked a bit about how our careers started, how cool Flash was in the 2000s, and how Adobe dropped the ball in recent years.

Give it a listen, and maybe some of the other episodes too, if you’re interested in the history of Newgrounds. Being on the podcast actually motivated me to stop playing video games and get back to work making them.

3 thoughts on “Newgrounds Podcast

  1. Anonymous

    It’s very sad that flash will end so soon. All the animations, games, and creators all their work just vanished. I know that many flash games/animations have been archived, but it’s impossible to archive all of it. I hope that flash will be brought back later on. Flash has entertained generations of people, new and old. Once it’s gone for a few years people might forget it and move on, but for me and many others it will always resonate as part of our childhood.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Nothing’s going to vanish, you just won’t have the Flashplayer plugin in your browser.


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