EBF5: New Status Effects

Hey guys, LightningLaser’s EBF5 mod now has some new status effects, so I’ve gone ahead and made some icons for it. He’s also adding back some weapons from the previous games, so the amount of content in the mod keeps growing. We’re still in no rush to release it though.

Here’s a list of names for the new status effects. Some are just variations of existing statuses, but others are rather interesting. If you check out the EBF Discord, maybe you can learn more about them in the modding channel.

10 thoughts on “EBF5: New Status Effects

  1. HackneyedTrope

    Um, I notice that there are 12 status effects, but only 11 names. Is the blood-splatter one secret?

  2. Anonymous

    i think that wound makes you take 50% more damage from attacks and it also makes you take damage every turn.
    also just like how you can combine wet+chill to get frozen, it would be awesome if you can combine fire+wound to get scorched. someone should say what i just said to lightinglaser so that we can get this combo in the game

  3. Anonymous

    maybe and this is a guess but maybe shackle makes it so that there are 2 enemies or more that take damage.
    for example shackle binds 2 or more enemies or players togheter and if one of them takes damage the others take damage as well or if one of them gets healed the others get healed as well.
    just a guess but that would be awesome

    1. TyloThorn

      Probably not. Jinxed just means hexed or bewitched, or in context with technical stuff it can also simply mean busted i think.

  4. Jpx0999

    i think this
    eletrocute(receive eletric damage every turn)
    blind(acuracy decrease in 50%)
    frostbite(take ICE damage every turn)
    irradiate(randowns debuffs every turn)
    limbo(maybe the oposite of haste or whatever)
    the other i dont know what say


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