RIP Kongregate

Hey guys, it’s the end of an era. is going into archive mode and no longer accepting new games. A lot of the main staff already left a while ago, but there was still some really good web games being published there, so I’m a bit surprised that it’s no longer working out for them. They were even doing the monthly cash prizes for games up until the end, which I appreciate. I guess now they’re gonna be focusing on publishing mobile games, and on their store, Kartridge.

When I published Epic Battle Fantasy 3 on Kongregate 10 years ago, it got a million plays in the first week, and eventually 11 million in total. I think that was the biggest long-term boost to my reputation and career. The people at Kongregate were a lot of fun to work with, especially Greg the badge guy, and I don’t think any indie game platform today has anywhere near the same influence. I’m glad I published Epic Battle Fantasy 5 on there while I still could – it’ll be one of the last games to ever get badges!

Personally, I’m gonna keep checking the site every once in a while. There’s still lots of fun badges that I’ve missed. Even when the Flashplayer plugin is disabled, there’s still browser extensions to get around that.

A lot of the popular Flash games I’m sure will eventually make their way onto other platforms like Steam, but there’s also preservation projects like BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint to keep these games alive.

Anyway, you should go have a browse through Kongregate’s badge categories. I’m sure you’ll find something fun to play every time you have an hour or two to spare.

12 thoughts on “RIP Kongregate

  1. Entman

    Aw man, F in the chat.
    I was actually just playing Dudequest, and I’m listening to the music from it right now.

    Yeah go play Dudequest it’s fun, and I named all my dudes after their traits and dumb
    my main team is Professor D (umb) (the “starter” I got from PROFESSOR)
    Eye Dumb (Hexat, which is a bat with a huge eye)
    and Dicey Dumb (Snake eyes, won in a dice game)

    I love being able to name things, but anybody who gives me this power clearly deserves to dethrone me from the king of dumb

  2. Anonymous

    Kongregate is one of the best sites to play games to me and so it saddens me that its dying which is probably caused by things such as steam as most of the games these days that are put on kongregate are also put onto there.

  3. Ladybug

    Like many I think, I discovered Epic Battle Fantasy games through this site (the third episode).
    A whole part of the internet disappears with the death of flash games: ‘(

  4. Joseph Howard

    Yeah I really enjoyed many of the series on that site and other sites like Armor Games, and I have been watching Kgy121 on YouTube play all the games by VasantJ. The Internet wont be the same if those games just disappear, so hopefully they can be preserved and moved to Steam. Thank you for the games and animations you have made!

    1. FileFighter

      VasantJ said he’ll start uploading his games to Newgrounds, and Gamejolt is still an option for download versions, so at least that series is going to stay alive.


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