Fanart: Natalie

Hiya Folks!

We’ve taken some time to follow the news and and protests around the world following the killing of George Floyd. We’ll be getting back to more fanart posts again but are still following the now global situation, educating ourselves, and supporting charities and organisations working for racial justice and equality. Various UK protests (especially those in London) have gathered interest from groups patrolling to protect their precious statues and counter protesting, keeping the police quite busy. Stay safe and stay informed.

Here’s a cute sketch of Natalie and a lil friend from Ciao.

3 thoughts on “Fanart: Natalie

    1. Slightly Anonymous

      What’s this about hating white people?
      Advocating for black people’s rights doesn’t mean you have to hate the other option.

      If cats were being inhumanely killed and you thought this was wrong, it doesn’t mean you hate dogs.

      It’s the same situation here. Black people are being unfairly targeted by police.


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