Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

Hey guys, I’ve added Epic Battle Fantasy 4 to Itch.io’s massive charity bundle. For $5 you get 1,000 games – mostly obscure stuff, but there’s a few well known indie games in there too, including Celeste, Night in the Woods, Minit, Nuclear Throne, Super Hexagon, Oxenfree, Octodad and GNOG. Some hidden gems I’ve noticed include Blitz Breaker, Lenna’s Inception, Heavy Bullets, The Floor is Jelly, Tiny Dangerous Dungeons, and Cuckoo Castle. I’m sure there’s much more in there that’s worth checking out, and if you agree with the cause, you should probably chip in a bit more than the minimum price.

Anyway, all of the games are DRM-free, no Steam keys.
Good luck, have fun.

We’re gonna get back to regular updates soon. We’ve still got a lot of EBF fanart to share.

6 thoughts on “Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

  1. Physxman

    Speaking of hidden gems, I noticed Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass in the list, which is an absolutely fantastic RPG with clear Mother/Earthbound influences.

  2. BensRtAeVrE

    In Terms of hidden gems, there’s also OneShot, which gave me Undertale vibes when I first played it.


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