Yo. Here’s some more fake Pokemon I drew a while back. I dunno if I’ll ever use them for anything or not.

I showed these to Patrons a bit early, but since I don’t have any plans for them, I figured they don’t need to stay secret. Btw, the entire EBF3 source code and assets are available on my Patreon for personal use, so if you have an old version of Adobe Flash (CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6), you can try making some changes to it for fun, or just take a look at how the programming and animations are done. It’s ActionScript 2, so it’ll be a blast from the past, and it’s not my tidiest work. If people find that interesting, I’ll share the source files for the other EBF games.

My Valve Index VR headset finally arrived, so whenever I’m not playing Age of Empires 2, I’m playing Half Life Alyx and Beat Saber. Cool stuff. I’m really spoiling myself during this lockdown.

4 thoughts on “Fakermon

  1. Tex Rider

    Lucky you man…
    You are having fun out there, well… I am happy about it.

    Why don’t you add the fakemons as a new enemy in the mobile game?


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