Lightning Laser’s Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Mod

Hey guys, I made a video showing off some scenes from an EBF5 mod that’s being worked on. It adds new side-quests, skills and harder enemy behaviour.

There’s a new mod channel on the EBF Discord, where you can talk about this and other mod-related stuff.

When the mod is ready, it’ll be available for everyone who owns EBF5 on Steam, and should be compatible with your existing saves.

8 thoughts on “Lightning Laser’s Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Mod

  1. Anonymous

    is the mod done already. i dont have a discord and i want to buy the game when its completed

  2. Alexandrite

    (Baby water slime uses tsunami out of nowhere)

    so that’s the kind of mod it’s going to be then, huh

  3. VigorSwig

    Oh, because the slime bunny couldn’t be the ONLY slime with a limit break… lol. Nice Mod though, for real.

  4. GligaAlin28

    Matt, you can tell me when EBF 5 on mobile is released? And we can play free EBF from our phones?


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