Fanart: Safety First

Hi Folks!

We’re still staying home as much as possible and conducting our social lives via video chats. We’re playing lots of Switch games and skipping on work most days.

These are scary times and a lot of misinformation is being spread though both panic and ignorance, remember to stay informed by your local authorities and keep your wits about you. Follow precautions for your own and others’ safety!

Here’s a cute and topical fanart from Kimoichan.

5 thoughts on “Fanart: Safety First

  1. mathiau

    Actually, 35.7°C is a very worrying temperature, although the normal human temperature being 37.5°C I think I can understand where the mistake comes from^^

  2. Vuther

    OH NO, SOMEONE ADJUST NOLEGS’ MASK, HE CAN’T DO HIMSELF….maybe? I never did figure how he held his weapons or moved at all in the first place…


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