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Fanart: My Valentine

Hi Folks,

The big v2 update was finally released over the weekend and we’re hoping everyone is enjoying it to the fullest!

We still have a ton of Valentine’s Day fanart to get through and today’s subject is a double feature of Natalie and Anna and their Valentines from Mandarin.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 v2 is live!

EBF5 V2 is now live for everyone on Steam, and the price of the game will go up whenever Valve approves it. So it’s your last chance to buy it for $15!

Here’s a spoiler-free summary of what’s new:
• 52 “new” foes, with a large portion of them being bosses or mini bosses.
• 31 new achievements.
• 16 new Flair equips, 12 new skills and 2 new limit breaks.
• 50 new monster cards – a new item type.
• A new biome, 3 new dungeons, and many secret areas.
• Significant balancing and quality of life changes.
• A “Cheats and Challenges” menu that lets you customize the difficulty to a massive degree.
• A “Custom Quest” menu that lets you start a new game with major changes – such as playing with only one character, a new set of equip stats, different foes in each battle, etc.
• More art in the gallery!

You can continue from your existing save file, but I recommend starting from the beginning for the best experience. (maybe with some Custom Game or Challenge options enabled, to spice things up)

Fanart: Friendship Day

Hi Folks,

In Finland Valentine’s Day is called Friendship Day, and the focus is more on platonic and friendly love, rather than romantic love. These beautiful Valentine’s arts from Hana-Pong reflect more on the impact of friendships rather than romance.

I’m also here to remind everyone to check out the warp zone in EBF5 for the Valentine’s Day event! Gather up some chocolates and trade them for some sweet rewards.

Psssst. The EBF5 version 2 update will be up on Steam very soon !