7 thoughts on “Fanart: Natalia

  1. JoseRodrigezAlbahar

    i had a dream again, about this game. this time i dreamed theres a secret area above the Gallery in a secret spot, there you enter a area like the Ice temple on Data Bunker B3 image, but this one is horizontal instead, every room i advanced changed the game a lot, room 1 ebf5, room 2 like the old rpg’s, room 3 actually the battle characters in overworld, also i fight against a Mirror Enemy with different style, it was a TV screen instead and this is the best part, i have only matt fighting in the old rpg’s style and the attacks are the same, but normal attack is switched with an ability, that means Trow a Table, matt trows a table to the TV enemy leaving them with 10% hp, also i search my inventory, and i found i have 359 Tables so it works like an item. everything of this just happens in my dreams, sometimes, but i wanted to share it with you and your fans because, in this day ill never forget for what i pass all the night, even the Tables part, i still laugh with that. have a nive day/night and happy Back to School season.


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