Fanart: Valentine’s Day!

💘 Hiya Folks 💘

Valentine’s Day is here and so is Valentine’s Day fanart! There’s been more than enough to give you all at once, so I’ll be featuring some more of them in the next few days too. To start us off, here are some excellent Valentines cards to share with your special someones, courtesy of Jay.

6 thoughts on “Fanart: Valentine’s Day!

  1. I need to get off my computer

    Is this a tradition now? Maybe I should make some. Anyways…

    Matt: This is the reason why Natalie didn’t ask you out sooner. Besides, I think she prefers puzzle games to Sonic. Why not show her a movie about tetris?
    NoLegs: Can I at least try, emolegs?
    Natalie: Okay!*smack*In case anyone asks, this was totally Matt’s fault for showing you movie!Sonic…
    Anna:…why would you do that? Nat-oh wait she’s dead. Matt! Give her some garlic! I don’t care if it tastes worse than the water!
    Lance: I know. Poor you 😉 (srsly though he sounds like he’s talking about himself)

    Oh, how I love Jay’s unromantic valentine’s cards


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