EBF5 v2 launching soon!

Hey guys, the big EBF5 version 2 update is going to go live for everyone on Steam on Saturday the 15th.
I’m announcing this early because the price of EBF5 is going to go from $15 to $20, so consider this your last chance to buy it at the old price!

The current opt-in version, which I just uploaded, is pretty much finished (v2.0.0, no BETA label on the main menu), but I might still make some minor balancing tweaks before the final launch. Either way, it’s time to get it shipped. And if you don’t want to wait, you might as well play it now. (to opt-in, go to the game’s properties in the Steam client, and select v2.0 in the betas tab)

Here’s a spoiler-free summary of what’s new:
• 52 “new” foes, with a large portion of them being bosses or mini bosses.
• 31 new achievements.
• 16 new Flair equips, 12 new skills and 2 new limit breaks.
• 50 new monster cards – a new item type.
• A new biome, 3 new dungeons, and many secret areas.
• Significant balancing and quality of life changes.
• A “Cheats and Challenges” menu that lets you customize the difficulty to a massive degree.
• A “Custom Quest” menu that lets you start a new game with major changes – such as playing with only one character, a new set of equip stats, different foes in each battle, etc.
• More art in the gallery!

You can continue from your existing save file, but I recommend starting from the beginning for the best experience. (maybe on a custom game mode!)

12 thoughts on “EBF5 v2 launching soon!

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere else, but is there a planned date for when the GOG version will be going up? I would prefer to get the game there so I’d just like to know when to check for it.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      GOG and Humble haven’t responded to my emails yet.
      I can put it up on Itch.io in a week or two though, whenever any launch issues are fixed.

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks for the reply. Hope they respond to you soon, but if they don’t get back to you for whatever reason (I have no idea how putting games up on these services works) I’ll probably end up just getting it on either steam or itch.io. Thanks for making some pretty fun games, I’m still playing through 4 right now.

  2. Anonymous

    Is there a changelog for just the balance changes? I’d like to know if anything I’ve previously ignored got buff or if my strategies got nerfed.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Some of the guys on the discord are keeping track of the changes.
      But most of the last-minute changes are just for the Remixed Equip stats in Custom Game.

  3. Kaowboj

    I don’t know if it’s intended or not, but when Matt has the hockey stick leveled up to the point when it can steal items and you use Steal it effectively lets you steal twice.


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