EBF5: Equip Stat Remix

Hey guys, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m adding some options to EBF5 to make 2nd playthroughs more interesing. Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is an alternative set of stats for all equipment. This should make collecting equips exciting again, and will give you a lot of new builds and strategies to play around with. And since this option is not for newbies, I can make the stats a bit more spicy – for example, more weapons with high stats but with major downsides. There’s a lot of skills, summons, and perks that are currently not activated by any equips, so there’s plenty of possibilities to work with.

Let me know if you like this idea or not, and feel free to suggest stuff you’d like to see in the comments. Or better yet, come chat on the EBF Discord, where I’ll be somewhat active over the next few days.

24 thoughts on “EBF5: Equip Stat Remix

  1. Omega Sentinel

    I think that another way of getting seasonal events would be a nice QoL addition. Using the cheats menu , or with another system in game.

    “Oh, but you just have to change your system clock”
    1- based on what I heard from others that is kinda annoying.
    2- it is not possible for everyone.

    1. Drake

      I agree on that, doing it once or twice ok, but for every playtrough it gets an annoying task to do. Maybe once completing all seasonal quests unlock a cheat to not repeat them if checked?

  2. TyloThorn

    What about self-customization? I like the idea of additional trades and downsides, but how about an enchanting socket where you can add a few trades and effects yourself from a select variety? I was thinking upgrading it further and raise stats and stuff as well, but that might be too difficult/too much work to implement. But like this i think it would be a rather simple thing to do, wouldn’t it? Just like an added feature where u need a specific enchanting stone or something and then can add one or two of about 30 additional effects? That would add a lot of spice and like i said, would probably not be too much work, but i cannot evaluate that as good as you. :yay:

  3. Michael Verrette

    I have no Idea how to use Discord or Twitter, and this is probably the worst place to put it, but the second part of my Soul Calibur EBF recreations has been on Youtube for awhile now. Thanks for giving the first one almost a thousand views by the way. :shades:

  4. Ned2805

    Personally I wouldn’t be particularly fond of this unless you could toggle between “Regular” equipment stats and “Remixed” stats at will during a NG+ playthrough; not fond of a setting at the start of a new game completely changing all the equipment stats/resists etc. permanently.

    Only allowing access to any of the “Remixed” stats in a NG+ makes sense but as a completionist I personally don’t like not having the option to use gear the same way as in the original game.

    I think this would be an amazing feature if you could toggle between Regular and Remixed stats separately for each piece of equipment; you wouldn’t lose any of the fun possibilities originally in the game, and being able to mix-and-match would allow for incredible build-making potential, which I think would be really fun.

  5. Owlsey

    Maybe implement a stance system between a 3-4 possible variations that could put more emphasis on utility, offense, defense, or a balance? It might be hard to figure out that many variations, but in terms of coding, it’s manageable since it’s just a change in numerical values in regards to stat multipliers. Considering the game would want to incentivize playing on the hardest difficulty since that would involve the most strategy, it might be rough if you got bad RNG on gear that’s pretty crucial to beat certain bosses. Just saying, I wouldn’t want to face Neon Valhalla with bomb gear spec’d towards defense, that just sounds like a chore. I’d say your previous randomized chest idea wold probably made even better if you offered different variations per weapon, you’re offered some leeway when it comes to dealing with challenges.

  6. Owls

    I’ll first paraphrase the following points under the consideration that balancing would be made around Epic mode, as medals generally pushes the player towards playing it at that difficulty.

    Considering how Epic difficulty incentivizes people to strategize with what they’ve got, I think it might get pretty unbalanced to introduce that degree of RNG towards equipment. EBF has always been an RPG, so to potentially make it rogue-like is quite ambitious. While I’m for potentially introducing randomized loot to make subsequent playthroughs better, there’s quite a bad feeling in getting potentially RNG-screwed.

    Say you challenge a boss in the higher difficulties, and the gear that would normally resist that particular element does not resist it anymore. That, or it might not provide any bonuses to defense, or might even penalize a particular stat so hard that it becomes impractical to use. Since resistances and stat modifiers become crucial in Epic mode, potentially being given a bad hand might result in a lot of frustration. Especially since, unlike other RPG’s, enemies scale towards level, so even though you would theoretically get stronger through learning more skills, it might force the game towards a more grindy approach if your luck is bad enough, which isn’t exactly what you want in any game. Imagine dealing with Neon Valhalla, and your bomb/earth weapon is more defense oriented.

    The comment made by Drake highlights quite a plethora of solid means to make alternate upgrades more appealing and in line with player enjoyment. In my case, however, another potential way of making things more consistent would be to implement some sort of a stance system. For example, there could be four hypothetical stances, say, Balanced, Offensive, Defensive and Utility. Certain weapons and gears would innately fulfill one of these categories (for example, Matt’s Heaven Gate and Natalie’s Crystal Staff is innately Balanced, while weapons such as the Giant Slayer or Soul Eater are naturally Offensive).

    Now, considering the sheer amount of armor and weapons in the game, I’d say it would be excessive and redundant to create three alternate versions for each and every gear, since naturally, some of them share elemental benefits and niche’s. Maybe 1-2 for a select few. For example, let’s use Heaven’s Gate as an example, since it’s one of Matt’s signature weapons throughout every game. Normally, it’s quite a conventional weapon. Is holy elemental on Physical Attack, boosts holy skills, offers decent offensive multipliers, and resists holy + some other stats.

    Say you were allowed to switch from Balanced, to Offensive. Now, instead of partially Holy elemental, its now fully Holy, which means attacks like Swift Strike (AOE) and Legend (High single target DMG) deals a lot more damage to enemies weak to Holy. There could be extra offensive multipliers, maybe a small drop in defense to compensate, and an additional weakness to dark. The boost from the weapon could also be much stronger (i.e ‘Strongly Boosts Holy damage dealt’ as opposed to ‘Boost Holy damage dealt’). Alternatively, if you were to switch your stance over to Utility, there could also be changes there. Power could drop, but stats are rebalanced so you get a bit more in some niche stats like HP or evade. Instead of possibly triggering a damaging attack like Seiken, it could be one of those under utilized summons that you’ve mentioned earlier.

    Anyways, I don’t want to make things any more complicated, so I’ll end things here. I’m mainly suggesting this since, at it’s core, it’s not inherently complex to code, since it’s a matter of changing numerical values to adjust multipliers. That being said, the real challenge for you would be to conjure up weapons that are both inherently unique to each other, as well as not make others obsolete because they flat out perform a niche better. Anyways, that’s my two cents. Looking forward to 2.0 regardless.

  7. Haseo

    i immediately thought of what if for the new stats the sword/ weapons gent a new but similar design. this might be to much but i thought it would be cool, but for weapons stats i always thought the fairy sword was always lack luster. also what if for a weapon or armor, etc you give a certain amount of ability points to upgrade or customize it. like a total of 150 stat points and you can dump it into any stat you want. also they have perks you can pick but are limited. for example:

    the razorback 150 stat boost, put it all into magic attack
    skill; 3 points
    randomly summons power metal (2 points),
    may cast wind gust (1point),
    very low chance to summon death metal (3 points)
    boost power of healing spells (2 points)
    i might be getting carried away :meh: , but this brought up so many ideas :stars: :stars: :stars:

  8. OnyxInc

    As long as the base element of the weapon is unchanged (Inferno will always be fire, for instance) then this system sounds interesting… :stars:

  9. DoingTheJukes

    I think that this is an AMAZING idea for a second playthrough option. Putting major downsides to strong weapons and armor makes it more of a challenge to balance and every piece of equipment more situational and absolutely perfect for people who crave strategy in these games, and it can make an even better challenge for the player with throwing in specific enemies alongside more difficult battles that specifically target the weaknesses brought on by equipment that would normally counter the boss or powerful enemy you were fighting. I think it would also be a good idea for some higher-tier enemies to have different forms, meaning they get a color swap and some changed up resistances and weaknesses, kind of like changing their equipment so that they can counter whatever equipment we brought along to deal with them. I think the best way to encourage more casual players to do this though would be to include an option to switch this mode on and off after the first playthrough has been completed. This way, if a certain battle is just to difficult to balance out the stats for them, they can take the safe route again and go back to the more balanced equipment. Generally, though, I love the idea, and I really hope that other people will too :yay: !

  10. Remus Lupine

    I honestly like the idea of being able to customize your equipment. Maybe give a few variants of each. Or even better! Multiple upgrade paths! That would allow people to really strategize on how they upgrade their equipment! :stars:

  11. Drake

    Recalling EBF2, where you could up your characters with some additional perks, might be good for upgrading equipment here too? This might be complicated to implement probably but if you were able to choose 4 different perks per item(limited selection, pseudo randomized?) when upgrading, how might an item transform at level 5 compared to the original item? Maybe there might be some smart algorithm needed to give you useful upgrades. If there would be 1 of 3(or even 4 or 5? special upgrades available, then it might be look like this:

    Option 1) Further enhances an item’s strength, adding some drawbacks, like making weaknesses to major weaknesses
    Option 2) Replaces an effect the item would add by another one(the game suggests it to you, adding some randomness and luck)
    Option 3) Changes an items strength and weakness(different from Option 1) and might create a totally new niche or totally new usage, like making a normally physically strong weapon magical. Stats might be set like this:
    a) Phys Att changes to Mag Att and vice versa
    b) Takes away a portion of Phys Att and adds it to Mag Att and vice versa
    c) Shifts powers by giving another set of stats (Like giving Soul Eaters stats to your Inferno)
    d) Increases 1-2 stats at the cost of 1-2 other stats(example given: +10 Def, +5 Eva, -10 Mag Def, -5 Acc)
    e) Element change(maybe restricting to not allow opposite element changes, Fire Ice, Lightning Water, Light Dark, Earth Wind, etc)
    Option 4) Adds or changes a skill to trigger(be it on attack or between waves, adds only if normally no skill available, replaces if already available), THIS won’t be affected by element change, so you won’t replace Fireball with Icestorm if you change from Fire to Ice element, using option 3!
    Option X) Keep current effect(in case you aren’t happy about what the game offers you to change), This can be selected several times.

    So whenever you upgrade a weapon you can select one of the “5”(X is always available) options, dependend on what effect you might like more. Selecting an option on upgrade, eliminates this option for further upgrades(reducing your choices to 2 at level 5 at best, 2-times option 1 not possible!). If you’re unhappy with what RNG offers to you you can always stay safe getting the option X. Some RNG will be added to the game like this and might add some replayability value, though, dependend on how it gets implemented, save state reload abuse possible. Building strategy can be to use an upgrade you actually like and in case your unhappy with what got offered you can keep it for a later upgrade, so the game can give you a new suggested change to your item(“No, I don’t want this Option 1 upgrade. Maybe I choose Option 1 later and select Option 2 for now”).

    Also important to note might be, if you enhance a strength and weakness and change the strength and weakness of the item, it will carry over to the new set of abilities. Making Inferno an even stronger fire weapon at level 2, but later changing it to a lightning weapon at level 3, makes it a stronger lightning weapon version as example. So each upgrade option you choose is basis for the subsequent upgrades.

    Personally I like the idea of giving items totally new properties. It just should remain an option in my opinion, and not be forced on the player. (Selecting this as challenge makes you willingly agree to the randomness it offers though)

    As toolbox for your items as RNG basis you might use:
    – Each items original stat set(simply a new basis)
    – Plus X stat, Minus Y stat increments(for switching powers, dependend on the stat set of your item), as example: 25% of a weapons Phys Att changed to other stats.
    – bonus effects by category: Fire, Water, Bio, etc all have their own category. If you decide to enhance a weapons strengths(it’s actual category) RNG gives you suggestions from those of the same category as upgrade options. As effect I count in status chance, skill trigger, auto-effects and in-between summons, etc.
    – Stat offset, independent of items base stats, which could give like +10 Phys Att in exchange of -5 Accuracy or +10 Evade for -10 Def(would make sense to give it increment levels, example given: Lv 2 item +10 Phys Att, -5 Accuracy, Lv 4 item, +20 Phys Att, -10 Acc, Lv 5 item, +30 Phys Att, -15 Acc)
    – Stat Conversion, usually giving you bigger drawbacks in either physical or magical but giving like 1.5-times the enhancement to the other stat. As example: 1.5-times Phys Att into Mag Att while original Mag Att divided by 1.5 and changed to Phys Att. Def/MDef conversion for defensive properties.
    – Opposite/Impossible Element Limitation: In case you feel like a Fire weapon should never be changed to an ice weapon, so this tool might help you to never consider such bonuses for the current weapon(So practically a list of exceptions made for your RNG)

    Hopefully this suggestion is helpful in any way for your plans on item rerolls or even giving new ideas.

  12. Gideon Ransom

    How about a sword/equipment set for Matt that powerfully buffs magic attack? That would be a challenge to build around but quite strong. Perhaps that could be the alt version of the Soul Eater? Or equipment that boosts the power of summons while reducing basic stats? Equipment that decreases health greatly but grants Regen and Morale? Alternate Alchemist’s Bow that has 200% or more status chance but sets damage to 0? A toy that deals low damage initially but gains bonus damage based on the number of status effects on the target? A staff that has incredible attack damage but hits only on crits? A flair that copies the effect random other flairs on the same character? A gun that hits when it would miss, and misses when it would hit? An armor set with powerful stats and high defense but makes damaging enemies hurt the wearer, similar to every enemy being voodoo dolls? A flair which makes spells unleashed by weapons be random spells rather than the specific weapon’s spell?

    Those are a few of my ideas. Let me know what you think.


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