Fanart: Remake

Hi Folks,

For the past few days we’ve both fallen down a rabbit hole of all play no work called Minecraft, and we’re doing our best to keep getting things done outside of the virtual building, mining, and – ofcourse – gardening. It’s my first time playing, but Matt is an old time veteran, so we’re trying (and failing) not to compare progress or steal each other’s ideas too much. Hopefully we’ll get more warm days so we can do some actual gardening instead!

Here’s a beautiful remake of an older fanart from FishyListener.


5 thoughts on “Fanart: Remake

  1. JPx0999

    hey kupo, I’m your fan and I play very epic battle fantasy 5,
    so much so that I reached lv 41 … I decided I would try to kill the devourer before he used that attack in which he erases the earth
    I GOT IT!
    when the end came
    the earth had been rebuilt even though it was not destroyed before …
    that means there are 2 earths, or it´s game error
    If the second option: I would love if in the update you add an extra ending in case someone kills the devourer before he destroys the earth …
    and would still fit in with what the heroes said: maybe if an agent does something more or different will have a better ending


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