Fanart: Matt and Natalie

Hiya Folks!

We got a couple beautiful days this weekend so we spent them gardening, exploring nearby country parks and playing with the family dogs.

Here’s a very cute fanart of Matt and Natalie from Hana-Pong.

6 thoughts on “Fanart: Matt and Natalie

  1. Wispcream

    Holy crap i think this might be the best drawing ive seen on this website who ever drawed this is a pro and they should draw me of matt x nattile cus this is adorable i used to think as a kid matt (kupogames) actually knew nattile irl since he was a real person xd

  2. JPx0999

    matt, I think you already revealed this couple a long time ago
    nickname of nattalie: nats
    matt + nat = nats
    the couple has been revealed since ebf4


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