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Hey guys, after I announced the new difficulty options a few days ago, someone mentioned that I should do the opposite of them too, so that casuals have some fun features to play with. I eventually warmed up to the idea, and now I completely agree – a lot more people will enjoy options to make the game easier. (and you can totally mix them, challenges and cheats, to make up your own difficulty settings, like in Bullet Heaven 2)

So here’s a list of cheats coming to Epic Battle Fantasy 5. They will all be unlocked from the beginning, and when enabled, will temporarily disable “Epic” achievements.

Super Effective: Foes’ elemental weaknesses are increased significantly. (for example, +50% becomes +100%)

Super Resistance: Equipment gives more elemental resistance. (you’ll be absorbing a lot)

Feeble Foes: Foes have 25% less HP. (if you want to rush through the game)

Blind Foes: Foes have 20% less accuracy.

Cowardly Foes: Foes surrender much more easily. (maybe useful for pacifist runs?)

Preemptive Strike: Always get the first turn in each wave in battle. (a lot of people want this to be a default feature)

Instant Healing: The party is healed instantly after every battle. (also a requested default feature)

Auto Scan: Foe info is always available in battle, without scanning them. (not in the bestiary though, so there’s no spoilers and no cheating the achievements)

Extra Attacks: Player counter attacks, unleashes, and other “free” skills activate more often. (a bit unfair to equips that don’t have any…)

Unlimited: Limit breaks charge 50% faster.

Summoner: Foes give 30% more SP when defeated, and max SP is also increased by 30%.

The goal with these cheats is to make the game easier, but not necessarily less complicated – good strategy is still rewarded. Also the effects of these cheats must not persist if they are turned off – so “Extra EXP” is not acceptable. Feel free to suggest more ideas if they meet those guidelines.

Here’s another new battle background:
island BG

29 thoughts on “EBF5: Cheats

  1. Dewayne Thomas

    I absolutely second this idea. Just 3 or so icons in the bottom corner that can quick swap. This would especially be nice when swapping between defense, attack, and monster capture type setups. And jsut a “Would you like to remove other character equipment or cancel” buttons if a problem stems from same characters already having the equipment on. But yeah, I’d rather the update come sooner than to have that implemented honestly 😀 I’m all psyched up about getting into the game again.

  2. Exotus

    Brute Force: Non-elemental equips and attacks are boosted, but elemental attacks and equips are weakened. For those who really don’t care about the elemental system (until a rude awakening hits…)
    Backup Attack: Attacks that can go offscreen are capable of hitting enemies in the next wave onward, such as certain Laser attacks. Allies and enemies in the back are capable of countering these attacks. (Sweet revenge for hitting the ‘benched’ teammates, but on second thought this could end badly.)

    Anger Issues: All party members and enemies become berserk when hit hard enough. Berserk cannot be taken away with elemental attacks, but still cured by magic. (Good for when you just want to murder everything but also learn to cope with rage.)
    Glitchy Skies: The weather can fluctuate rapidly, sometimes having multiple effects happen at once. (Can lead to some interesting scenarios…)
    Guerilla Tactics: Enemies that flee from battle (unless it is the last or only wave) will return in other waves if there is room and drop no loot upon fleeing. This can cause them to add one additional wave if there isn’t enough room. (Maybe they aren’t so merciful or smart after all…or maybe they just want to keep their stuff to themselves.)

    I’ve been a fan of EBF for decades, I don’t think I’ll ever change. Keep it up, Matt!

  3. 100% Glitch Resistance

    Win at least 25 different battle on ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’, ‘every’, … challange mode on epic difficulty, without cheats – Medal types.
    Win against a boss on epic difficulty, without cheats, while ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’, … challenge mode is on – Medal types.
    Win against a boss on epic difficulty, without cheats, while at least 1, 3, 5, 10, … challenge mode is on – Medal types.

    Unlock the cheat and challange modes after win the game at least once.

  4. 456link

    How about some things that are sort of inbetween challenges and cheats? like, random buffs/debuffs or statuses at the start of every battle or turn, or randomized weather that changes frequently. I always like the option to make battles take a sudden and unexpected turn. :yay:

  5. Arcane

    Rune: Regain SP every round.
    Master Ball: 50% more likely to capture foes.
    Rich: Store bought items cost 25% less.
    (Can’t think of a name): 50% less likely to capture foes.
    Broke: Store bought items cost 25% more.
    Failed incantation: Limit breaks do 30% less damage.

  6. JPx0999

    i am want a multiplayer mode…
    can be in 2 players controlling diferents persons…
    a vs mode?
    a mode where one a foe and others a player?
    or a multiplayer online
    whit limit timer…
    (for turns,logic!)

  7. Darth Bayes

    Problem: effects of increased SP or limit bar gain can stick around after the cheat is turned off. On the other hand, you can get that from grinding repeatable foes pretty easily, but you can get EXP that way too…

    Idea: Pokemon mode:
    -Combo Shield (pokemon doesn’t revolve around stacking (de)buffs)
    -Evasive Foes (pokemon does really make accuracy important)
    -Offensive Foes (help make the difficulty similar to the base game if good strategies are used)
    -Some foes go first (ones that would logically be speed-focused? Based on evade and/or accuracy stats?)
    -Super Summoner: all SP costs reduced 50%
    -Super Effective Matchups
    –Players start with -50% weakness to all elements
    –Foes elemental resistance and weakness doubled
    –Equipment elemental resistance and weakness tripled

  8. Conallw

    Stat-based gear seems a little left out

    Epic Loot – +20% for the positive stat boosts on equipped items
    (Or some other percentage)

    All your stuff is better, but it makes the weight of pure stats a bigger draw when you’re looking through your gear for the right piece. And you still have to consider skills and elements.

    Quick-Change Artist – Swapping gear no longer uses your turn
    (I think this is Too Powerful)

    No Hex Zone – Reduces the chance for foe to inflict status effects

    Shifting Lands – Random Environment effects. Changes every Wave.
    (Makes things wacky more than easy)

  9. Omega Sentinel

    “a lot more people will enjoy options to make the game easier”

    The thing is, isn’t “Zero” easy enough already ? If not, I doubt the number of people that need to make the game even easier is that big. I bet that making the battles “different”, (so not harder , or easier) would be much more interesting than just making them easier.

  10. Synksz

    ➡ ”No cooldown” or ”Half cooldown” can be good as a cheat and ”double cooldown” as new difficult. (Maybe 1,5x more CD instead 2.0x) :wut:

    ➡ 1 Option that double both cheats and difficulties or 2 options, 1 for cheats and 1 for difficulties.
    ❗ And with this ” Offensive Foes: Foes have 30% more attack power. (On Epic that’s 200% x1.3, so a massive 260%)” goes to
    ”Offensive Foes: Foes have 60% more attack power. (On Epic that’s 200% x1.6, so a massive 320%)”
    ❗ And ”Blind Foes: Foes have 20% less accuracy.” goes to ”Blind Foes: Foes have 40% less accuracy.”
    ❓ Maybe a new option that leaves everything in half. And this ”Bulky Foes: Foes have 20% more HP.” goes to ”Bulky Foes: Foes have 10% more HP.” For cheats and Difficulties.

    ➡ ”Fast Run”: Everything or just the walking mode is 1.5x or 2x faster.

  11. Drake

    With all those cheats and challenges I wonder if there should be some secret content which is tracking records of your playtrough. A few examples:

    1) Like some NPC telling you how many foes you did let surrender instead of defeating, giving a funny comment dependend on the ratio.
    2) How often you did change difficulty settings
    3) How many succesful battles you did at which difficulty
    4) Which characters were called from and moved back into backup how many times
    5) How many foes died because of elemental weakness exploits
    6) Which status effect got applied most on enemies(showing your preferences in playstyle)
    7) Telling you your most used skill for each character
    8) How lucky you’ve been getting rare drops from enemies.

    Maybe people get a change of mind if they get told how much they cheated the game or how proud you are for challenging it at its best. Even telling what they could do different or what strategy they did mostly run(and suggesting to try sth new) in another playtrough, as example “Get Lance out of backup finally”. It’s not necessary but could be a fun aspect, also in terms of replayability.

  12. Waniel

    Maybe some option to just divide players’ and/or foes’ hp and damage by 50 or 100 or something like that, resulting in smaller numbers, making all the fights feel like the glitch area fights, I thought those were pretty fun.

  13. Necro

    hmmm… Maybe you could had a cheat for changing equipment on battle without losing the turn of the character

    1. Az0rius G4m3r

      That idea reminds me that Persona 3 and 4 allow the main character 1 Persona change per turn while still getting an action, while I’ve read that 5 allows unlimited Persona changes as long as an action has not yet been taken that turn (I’m not yet certain if that last one is true, as I haven’t yet played or watched much of P5).

  14. ShadowsSun

    A debuff-resistant player and debuff-resistant foes option would be interesting. Same with statuses.
    Perhaps something that exaggerates status resistances? So anything that’s weak to a status will have a 100% chance to have it inflicted, and anything that’s resistant will have a 0% chance?
    Something that increases the effectiveness of equip stat buffs?
    Something that affects AI, so they all target the lats thing that hit them, in the same way that bears do?

    Finally, I know that it’s a lot of work, but randomising skills/equips would be great fun for second runthroughs. It’d be great if you could get around to that at some point!

  15. TheUltraSamurott

    Hey Matt, I was wondering if you could create an option to save loadouts. If I’m in an area with a lot of water enemies, I’m probably going to water resist/electric weapons equipped. If I leave this area to, say, an area with enemies that deal dark damage, I will have to unequip all of my gear so I can equip holy weapons/dark resist. This takes a while! It would be cool if we could “save” the water resist/electric weapons loadout and the holy weapons/dark resist loadout so that it would be easier to switch gear instantaneously.

    Sorry for the long comment.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I agree that it would be useful, but it may also be quite a lot of work, so I’m not making any promises either way.

  16. Omega Sentinel

    Will we have any way of knowing which cheats / challenges are activated just by looking at the battle screen ? Maybe at the rewards screen so you can share with others what you used or something.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I won’t list them all, but a little icon to show that *some* are active seems appropriate.

  17. Rodak

    One cheat I would love to see may which not make anything easier, but which would surely make things more amusing, would be a “Jack Of All Trades” type thing where everyone can use anyone else’s weapons / armours!

    There may need to be big reductions in effectiveness but it would be a lot of fun to give Natalie the Ice Cream Sandwich see Matt in a dress or other sillynesses :hurray:

    Not sure how tough that would be for animating things, but if it could be made to work I assure you I’d play it through a few more times just to experiment with finding the weirdest combinations possible!

    1. Sora

      Reduced effectiveness, but we’ll finally get Natz with a sword if it gets implemented? :stars: The RuneBlade may yet return…

      …Also, it’d be a good idea to do the same for skills as well. 👿 The glorious return of the Magic Matt build is foreseen.

  18. Pianos

    Would all of these cheats/challenges be unlocked at the very beginning of the game or would you unlock them one by one over the course of the first play-through?


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