EBF5: Arena Background

EBF5 is getting 24 new battle backgrounds in the update, but to be honest, most of them aren’t that exciting. You’ve already seen many of them in the foe previews, and the others are mostly recycled (but updated) from the previous games, for the classic foe battles.

So here’s one of the more interesting ones.

Also, EBF5 now contains at least 1306 icons.
arena bg

5 thoughts on “EBF5: Arena Background

  1. antimatterdemon

    The skulls look like Gaster Blasters from Sans’ Undertale boss fight. Given that you did say that you did the Genocide route, I doubt this is a coincidence.

  2. QueerMan77

    Totally unrelated, but it would be cool to make a subplot wherein the part 5 players caused repercussions in the previous games when they fought the foes specifically in those games, like imagine if the part 5 players had a part to do with Akron having been sealed in the tomb before being discovered by the part 3 players, making a subplot within the subplot to establish what kind of relationship (how related) the Devourer and the Beholder have, considering they really look the same (even if the Devourer was made probably in reference to the Beholder) or explaining that this time travel feature meant that the part 5 players one way or another had a part to do with the progression specifically of part 5 to the point the Devourer was so annoyed, etc…


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