EBF5: New Medals

31 new medals are coming to EBF5 in the big update, along with 2 new rooms in the Grand Gallery, and 36 pieces of fanart and concept art.

The new medals won’t be harder than what is already in the game, and won’t require you to start again – but you still should, since there’s a lot of new secrets earlier on in the game.

medal preview

5 thoughts on “EBF5: New Medals

  1. JPx0999

    medal 1:???
    medal 2:insta kill atack?
    medal 3:all equipments
    medal 4:a new enemie?like a mimic?
    medal 5\:poison?
    medal 6:pixel enemies found
    medal 7:esquetes(i dont know how write this) enimies found
    medal 8:super buff to player?
    medal 9:all monster captured?
    medal 10: ???

    1. Drake

      medal 1: Maybe achieved when discovering a new secret
      medal 2: Overkill damage(100-0% without insta-death)?
      medal 3: Reviving related?
      medal 4: Picking up all treasures, or kill them.(in new content)
      medal 5: Stacking poison to a certain damage amount
      medal 6: Certain pixel monster or first pixel monster defeated in new content
      medal 7: Defeating a final area boss(new content?)
      medal 8: Critical damage multiplier stacked 3x or higher
      medal 9: First time damaged an enemy for silly amounts of damage due to high defense? (Remembering those idols in pixel world) // Monster Collection Progress?
      medal 10: Secret Ending or New Ending achieved.


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