More Rollercoasters and EBF5 Challenges

Following on from my earlier post, here’s some more challenge options coming to Epic Battle Fantasy 5. These were all requested by players:

Counter Attack:
 Most foes have a chance of using a unique counter-attack when hit.
(this one’s probably the most interesting of them all, and adds strategy)

Surprise Attack: Foes attack first in battle, and at the start of each wave.
(this is horribly luck-based)

Offensive Foes: Foes have 30% more attack power.
(On Epic that’s 200% x1.3, so a massive 260%)

No Grinding: Foes do not respawn, and backup foes called in battle do not give any EXP or AP.
(the game is balanced around this already, but now it’s official)

No Free Revives: Dead players are not automatically revived after battle. Can be useful for solo play.
(this one’s not much of a challenge on it’s own, but is a useful option if you WANT players to stay dead)

And here’s a video of me and Ronja in the Särkänniemi amusement park in Tampere.
The Hype and Tornado coasters were very cool, but that pendulum ride was insane. There’s some rivalry between Särkänniemi and Linnanmäki about which park is better and more intense, and it’s hard to judge since both parks have completely different rides and are a similar size. Both are definitely worth going to if you’re ever in Finland.

20 thoughts on “More Rollercoasters and EBF5 Challenges

  1. Az0rius G4m3r

    Here’s a Challenge idea: Low Level, a harder version of No Grinding. On top of the standard No Grinding rule, NO optional battles anywhere give EXP or AP. In other words, only enemies that block the main path rewards either of these. I do think that enemies in the bonus areas should still respawn even with No Grinding enabled; that way, players can still scan enemies they’ve missed, re-capture enemies used in weapon upgrades, etc.

  2. Crash

    Right now im trying a no skill learning/upgrading challenge on epic. I think it would be cool if that was implemented! :yay:

  3. Parallel memorije

    Desperation- Instead of surrendering, enemies (and bosses) get beserk+brave when at low HP. This also happens to your players at low HP, which does more harm than good.
    Super start- Certain enemies start off with morale, enchanted or invisible. All enemies get morale+brave when a player dies.
    Lazy summons- The summon option has a cooldown. The number of turns depends on how powerful the summon is.

  4. 100% Glitch Resistance

    An another idea:
    Your maximum level is always limited by the level of the next boss.
    If you collect more xp, than your actual maximum level, you will get it after you killed the next boss.

  5. CoffeeUser

    1 shot+surprise attack, peak gaming experience right there.

    Also, slow upgrade seems more like an annoyance than a challenge, what about this:

    Restricted Upgrade: Equipment upgrades are limited to level 4. (Can have level 2 as a harder version.)

    Restricted Upgrade(alt): Equipment upgrades are capped to a level until you do something. (Like defeating a boss or collecting a super secret.)

    Or something to go with slow upgrade that makes it a challenge:

    No Stealing: Stealing now always fails.

    No Selling: No Selling.

    No Materials: Material shops are now banned for some reason.

    Combined with some of these and No Grinding would make that a horrible (in a good way) perk.

  6. Doisuist

    I have a few ideas for a masochist.

    No Out Of Battle Regeneration (You have to heal through items, or possibly by using heal skills outside of battle?)
    Earn Half AP (We’ll just have to see how this works with no grinding :ooo: )
    Level Gap (Enemies scale 2-3 levels above you)
    Randomized Enemies (Random enemies on your level scale, perhaps excluding bosses)
    1 Shot (Everything has 1 health)
    Slow Upgrade (Weapons, Armor, and Flairs cost 1.5x-2x as much materials to upgrade)
    Slow Switch In (Switching in a character costs that turn)
    Frail (Defense is permanently lowered 20%)

    I don’t expect many of these to come in, but I feel like they could be interesting to say the least, keep up with the good work! :yay:

  7. Dewayne Thomas

    I really like the No Grinding one. I haven’t killed off God Cat in Epic difficulty yet, figured i’d go do it after the big update. I don’t feel like the game is balanced for it though, at least not on Epic difficulty. I believe you changed something with how enemies grow in stats to meet your level while i was in the middle of my playthrough and it may have screwed it up because I had to grind like crazy for the end game to not get one shotted into oblivion. Anyway, I’ll probably jsut start over and run through it again, it’s been a while and the game turned out better than even I expected. Really like how you handled the monster capture, I thought it was gonna be awful. Can’t wait to see the next update. Should keep me busy until the FF7 Remake comes out later this century.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I did indeed change how monsters scale – I made them easier at high levels. (35+)

    2. CoffeeUser

      Godcat is in EBF4. If you meant evil player 5 he probably won’t be affected by this perk. But with some other perks he could be crazy. (Like status antibody and nerfed reviving.)

      For EBF5 you can reach level 35/36 fighting everything exactly once. Some people can beat the final boss on epic at level 35. So the game is definitely balanced for it. (I also usually reach the main bosses one level higher than them.)

      (The difference between 35 and 36 is dependent on when you do the optional scaling areas that give exp. The later you do them the more exp they give. The way leading to the two superbosses being the most significant.)

      1. Dewayne Thomas

        I don’t remember exact levels but gonna give the game a new playthrough and than another with some of these modifiers on to see what’s possible. I thought it was pretty funny when he said “Some people already play like this” for the -no item usage in battle- one. But yeah, I meant that giant golden thing, gave up on the fight after I started growing suspicious that my save file is weird. I watched videos of people having a much easier time than me even with identical setups and while i was at a higher level than them(and this was after the stat change to enemies beyond level 35). So probably jsut a messed up save file or something, no biggie. Can’t wait for the update ta drop. Lookin like a nice bit of content to really round out the game.

        1. Dewayne Thomas

          I can do a test run of it and see how it feels. My original run of the game I believe I only used 3 characters so requiring i pay attention to all of them should make the game much more interesting. It will probably require grinding items from the gallery unless those can only be beaten once also.

  8. Rein

    Honestly no grinding is great since I basically play that way anyways, but I kinda feel it gets a little bit in the way of catching and re-catching summons, especially those you got to give up for quests and upgrades, was wondering if there’s an easy way to make another option so respawns don’t give items or exp but are still catchable, my OCD would hate me seeing my mob screen missing one for so long :scared:

  9. Drake

    “Surprise Attack: Foes attack first in battle, and at the start of each wave.
    (this is horribly luck-based)”

    Might you consider adding the “Defend” buff for player characters against this preemptive strike? might be overwhelming with all those other challenge mods.


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