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Hey guys, me and Ronja have made an official Instagram account for Epic Battle Fantasy!

I don’t like anything owned by Facebook, but apparently Instagram is the cool new social network that everyone’s using, so we’ll give it a try. Maybe some of you will find it more convenient to follow us there, especially if you’re a mobile user.

For a while we will be reposting lots of fanart that you may have missed, but eventually the Instagram will simply show the same content as my other social media accounts. So if you think this is a good move, please give us a follow and tell your friends. And if you think we’re just selling out, then feel free to curse Facebook.


2 thoughts on “EBF Instagram

  1. alproy

    hey, ever gave a though of bringing back the unleash of the other characters other then Matt? with maybe debuff/buff/x2 buff like in 3?

    unleash in 4 was “y it even exist”
    in 5 its “eh, +5 to 10% freeze/stun then normal”
    Im searching for like it was in 3, everyone could use it, and each weapon had its very unique unleash (in 5 they are VERY VERY unnoticeable) i wouldn’t say i want a permanently syphon/stun/doom for 2 terns but i just want it to act like in 3


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