EBF5: Blast from the Past

That last post was by Ronja btw. I’m still at home.

I’m working on an area in EBF5 where you can fight monsters from the previous games. The monsters will be as authentic as possible – sticking to the animations and mechanics from those games. The EBF1 monsters don’t even have evade and accuracy. Oh, and you can only use 2 or 3 players at a time against them. All those debuff attacks they used back then are going to be a lot more devastating in EBF5’s buff system…

There’s going to be 6 or so foes from each game, including 2 bosses from each.

I was going to put them all into a “Temple of Time” where you can visit different dimensions, but I’ve dropped that idea as it would be hard to explain why the graphics and mechanics are different. So I’ve got a different location planned, one that should explain the premise better.

20 thoughts on “EBF5: Blast from the Past

  1. DanielSahar

    i was thinking on a remastered version of your old games, but that will be much work for you, isn’t it? anyway, i just want to post this time ago.

        1. Omega Sentinel

          Well, that would be a remake. so for a remaster only EBF5 graphics, and less bugs I guess.

  2. Haseo

    seeing this reminded me of a thought i had a while ago. I was thinking a while ago that the room that is unlocked by getting all achievements should have a final boss rush with the final bosses from the previous games and/ or the enemies from last final battle (the YouTube video) but this is also a great idea. :stars:

  3. Remus Lupine

    Would LOVE to see some sort of “Legacy Rush”. A rush against all of the EBF final bosses. Zombie Goku -> Lance -> Akron -> Godcat -> and EBF5’s final boss. :stars:

  4. EdjitMan Gamer

    Am I the only one that thinks that the Beholder is a cool boss? I can’t wait to fight him in EBF5! :stars: :stars: :stars:

  5. alproy

    *the dream of ULTIMATE rushes of all foes existed in the games, bosses, mini-bosses and finale bosses mega rush, oh yah and evil charcter rush*
    :stars: :stars: :stars:

    oh yah and imagine a game that is a factory, but all foes are only the machines from mecha-dress up, when the “nothing at all” machines suicide and the stronger ones have unique attacks

  6. KuroHaruto

    Well, I have waited for like 5 years maybe? To see Matt add Zombie Goku back in the game.. Hell yeah!! :stars:

  7. Mizuririn

    Maybe you should get Old songs EBF 1-4 with EBF5 remaster or Remix for Final boss use it EBF 2-4 for Normal Battle/Boss

  8. Mizurirn

    Maybe you should Remaster EBF 2-4 Song with Remastered/Remix in final boss for Normal battle/Boss use EBF 2-4 song what you like


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