EBF5: New Foes

Hey guys, here’s 5 new enemies for the upcoming EBF5 update.

These may look like normal foes, but they’re actually going to be the bosses of the battle arena, where you can only use one player at a time. It’s going to be interesting trying to balance those battles…

And maybe in one of the challenge modes they’ll appear as regular foes too.

8 thoughts on “EBF5: New Foes

  1. Chumpet

    I’m just having fun doing stupid things with this. I’ve found a way to make the black bears wavedash.

  2. alex

    that is the fun, if you dont do it, you just try to win in more different ways and develop a tactic of your own that is fun and interesting

  3. Dutczar

    TBH one player seems a bit boring. The part in EBF5 where Natalie is kidnapped is interesting because it makes sure you don’t just bench Anna and get to learn what she can do.
    With only one player, pretty much all there will be to battles is buff, attacks, heal if you get to a certain HP treshold, repeat.
    Having a 2-3 player arena though might be interesting.

    1. CoffeeUser

      “pretty much all there will be to battles is buff, attacks, heal if you get to a certain HP treshold, repeat.”

      That’s just how you play RPG games in general. It doesn’t explain how having less players to control makes it less interesting.

  4. The Local Noob

    What’s the purpose of Prototype 9X’s special 4 as an area attack if you can only have one player in the Battle Arena at a time?

  5. Brimbel

    I’m very excited to see the one-player fights in EBF5, because one of my favorite things from the MARDEK flash games was the Survival Tournaments where you had to win with only one character through a series of battles and it was fun trying to see what strategies had to be used to overcome each character’s weakness. Although the problem in that game was the one overpowered strategy worked for almost all the characters. But I actually really like how unique all the characters are to play in EBF5, it really makes it fun to strategize on using all of your team, and I hope that their individual skills shines through the one-player fights :yay:

  6. alproy

    i think prototype 9X should have some dark attacks or very familiar attacks like the rune crew foe in 4 and 3


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