EBF5: New Flairs

Hey guys, here’s a preview of the new flairs coming to EBF5 v2.
Pictured are their icons, followed by their in-battle appearance.
You might see some familiar faces in there… see how many you can identify!

In related news, if you want to have more input into the game’s development, you should join the EBF Discord server. Every once in a while I’ll be looking for suggestions on there – the glasses, dog tags, ring and cube were actually fan suggestions.
new flair

8 thoughts on “EBF5: New Flairs

  1. Tyler

    The brown one with the horns is bitey from the brackenwood series, if you folks havent seen the animations there, id recommend!

  2. Troller

    I have seen a EBF sticker before in the adventure pal now I see Rocky from the adventure pal

  3. Chimorph

    3: rock from adventure pals (is
    4: tetramino from tetris
    5: mlg glasses
    7: vvvvvv (maybe that the captain’s head but idk)
    8: yoshi egg from mario series (and yoshi island)
    10: companion cube from portal series
    13: for whatever reason i think that’s from some tower defence
    14: penguin from learn to fly series (played LOTS OF EM)
    as a suggestion i would like to see smth from pvz series :stars:

  4. BOB

    Ok so from what i can see here,
    T-block: Tetris
    Glasses: That Swag meme (?) I dunno what its called
    Egg: Yoshi’s egg
    Cat: MeowMeow from ebf 1,2,3 and 4?
    Cube: Companion Cube, Portal
    Penguin: Learn to Fly (?)
    Ring: The Ring, LoTR

    Cant remember that brown one, at the edge of my mind
    That Face is also really familiar, as is the eye

    Everything else, I got nothing

    1. Voidsword

      The pixel face looks like Commander Viridian from VVVVVV. The brown fuzzy face looks like a character used in Berserker Studio’s intros, if memory serves. The rock is a clear resemblance to one of your companions in Adventure Pals. The cyclops is another Kong dev’s intro sequence, but I can’t remember the name.

      Not sure what the blue thing is.


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