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Fanart: EBF Anna

Hi Folks!

I’m back home in rainy Scotland once more, and boy is it nice to get to relax. My Finland trip only lasted a week, but it was certainly a busy one. Matt’s still occupied with drawing fakemon, and I’m diving back into work with a couple new things as well.

Here’s some fanart from 在咕咕咕的凌風.



EBF5: Blast from the Past

That last post was by Ronja btw. I’m still at home.

I’m working on an area in EBF5 where you can fight monsters from the previous games. The monsters will be as authentic as possible – sticking to the animations and mechanics from those games. The EBF1 monsters don’t even have evade and accuracy. Oh, and you can only use 2 or 3 players at a time against them. All those debuff attacks they used back then are going to be a lot more devastating in EBF5’s buff system…

There’s going to be 6 or so foes from each game, including 2 bosses from each.

I was going to put them all into a “Temple of Time” where you can visit different dimensions, but I’ve dropped that idea as it would be hard to explain why the graphics and mechanics are different. So I’ve got a different location planned, one that should explain the premise better.

Fanart: Natalie Plush

Hi Folks!

I’m currently in Finland on a quick trip to take care of some paperwork and attend a close friend’s bachelorette party. Turns out timing could not have been more perfect when yesterday at the finale Finland beat Canada 3-1 and won the Ice Hockey World Championship tournament. This is the third time it’s ever happened, and the first I’ve been able to join in on the celebrations in Helsinki. Everyone gathers into the Market Square in the city center to celebrate together, and the atmosphere is incredible. I’m very lucky I happened to be here for this, since no one in Scotland really cares for ice hockey and I usually watch it alone.

Here’s a Natalie plush someone on the EBF Discord commissioned from an Etsy seller.


EBF5: Monster Cards

So it turns out that I’m cursed, and I can’t do any creative stuff for fun anymore.
I’m turning my Fakemon art into collectable cards in EBF5. They’ll give small permanent perks, like Steroids do, but should be more fun to collect.

This also means that I should stop spoiling all the art, and I’ll keep the rest of the Fakemon a secret.
monster cards

Epic Battle Fantasy Art and Music Contest Winners

Hi Folks!

The Epic Battle Fantasy Art and Music Contest winners have been announced!
The contest was hosted on Newgrounds and ended at the start of this month, but judging took some time.

Winners have received Steam keys for EBF5, EBF4, Bullet Heaven 2 and the EBF5 OST.

Top 10 Art

892073_marckello_ebf-obligatory-beach-sceneObligatory Beach Scene by MarckEllo

876896_scepterdpinoy_epic-battle-fantasy-travelerEpic Battle Fantasy Traveler by ScepterDPinoy

890179_alh71509_treasure-huntTreasure Hunt by alh71509.

891047_jessicakaka_moving-on-to-another-adventureMoving on to another adventure by jessicakaka

885690_sheebs_lanceeLancee by Sheebs

885906_lesserpanda_pope-nataliePope Natalie by LesserPanda

883134_kossza_anna-mighty-oakAnna & Mighty Oak by kossza

890938_invx-reisr_just-another-epic-battle-fantasy-fanart-i-guessJust Another Epic Battle Fantasy Fanart I Guess by Invx-Reisr

891111_hanna-diana-magic_epic-battle-fantasy-fanartEpic Battle Fantasy fanart by Hanna-Diana-Magic

890974_stargazer401_heaven-s-gate-of-babylonHeaven’s Gate of Babylon by stargazer401

Top 5 Music

Congratulations to all the winners and a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to participate! Even with a bunch of creators occupied with the Epic Battle Fantasy Collab turnout was fantastic with such beautiful art and music!

You can see Tom Fulp’s full post announcing the winners on Newgrounds, as well as browse all the entries for art and music (make sure to sort by date, entries will have been posted between April 12 and May 1).



Here’s some more Fakemon. I started off doing these for fun, but I’ve figured out a way to use them in EBF5. Fakemon aren’t real, so you can’t battle them. But there may be a way to collect them…


Hey guys, here’s some more fakemon.

Looks like I’m drawing for fun again. Which is kinda nice, but you’ll probably never get any games out of this stuff.