Monthly Archives: March 2019

Foe Video and EBF Bundle

Hey guys, I made a video version of the new foes, since I know a lot of people these days can’t run Flash content in their browsers anymore.

In other news, it’s a bit late, but the Epic Battle Fantasy Steam bundle is up. This means that you get 20% off my Steam games when you “complete the collection”. It also combines with other discounts! It’s actually just a scam to make people buy Bullet Heaven 2.

EBF5: Guoye and The Maw

Hey, here’s 2 more fan-designed enemies. These two are probably going to be the strongest of the pixel foe bunch, possibly even being boss-tier. I’m thinking of doing 4 more enemies from the competition, so there’s still a few days left to enter.

Guoye is by Jay, and The Maw is by Mico.
Additionally, the sword that Guoye summons is by Bolt Zyphyr.

The EBF5 update is likely to add 25 new foes, and also bring back a bunch from earlier games. So that’s a lot of new enemies. (plus other stuff to be shown later).

guoyeebf5 nesThe Maw Black (1)

EBF5: Source Code

Hey guys, I’m not working this month, but I still want to do something for my patrons, so I’m sharing the entire EBF5 source code with them.

It’s just for the purposes of personal education, and datamining (for walkthroughs etc).

The code is quite messy in many places, and the comments aren’t always accurate or useful. Timeline code from the animations is not included, so some important stuff is missing, and none of the code will compile unless you edit it to stand alone. You’re best opening the files in FlashDevelop, but any code editor should do okay.

Some files are easy to read without any programming knowledge, like the lists of item stats. While other files will require you to be familiar with Actionscript, Java, or similar languages.

So if you want to see what “real” code looks like, as opposed to ideal textbook code, toss me $1 to get it.