10 thoughts on “EBF5: Sketch Foes

  1. KNEF

    Flash. Definitely! :tongue:
    You try it on Ur own pace, and interact with it – which is better than only watch :smirk: But hey, it’s my opinion… :shades:

  2. ffphreek

    I like both seeing as I usually see it first in my Youtube sub feed, then I head on over here and play with it to my hearts content. Eagerly looking forward to these.

  3. Sticks

    I prefer the youtube ones so you can save us the trouble from having to do it ourselves and just showcasing it easier, but whatever you like doing more. Also its things like this that remind me why your games are so good, I also love the way you can make bosses without having to sketch or design them first with just your sketched out idea and also how the kind of comic BOOM and BAM are written like action comics really shows how well versed you are in any form of art. :hurray:

  4. Megaboom123456

    Wait where do i go to murder me some paper i looked through the library nothing there do i need all the medals or play the premium version i play free or i an update coming soon i’m just curious :wut: :?:


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