EBF5: Free Version and Steam Updates

Hey guys, I’ve update the free version of Epic Battle Fantasy 5 on my website. This means that that version is up to date and “finished” now. Not sure when it will come to other websites, but for now you can play it there, and there’s been a lot of changes since it was in beta.

I’ve also updated the game on Steam, going right from version 1.2 to 1.5, so there’s a lot of things that can go wrong, especially with the new saving system. Just so everyone knows: You have the option to stay on the old version if you wish. It might be worth a try if you encounter any major problems. You can go to Steam Client > EBF5 > Right Click > Properties > Betas > Select version 1.2.

10 thoughts on “EBF5: Free Version and Steam Updates

  1. npa

    thanks man, been waiting for this like forever
    but just one question, is the mouse thing supposed to be this annoying? i mean the icons of the skills, ect don’t move with the mouse, but only move to one place when i click there

  2. Piko

    Anyone else has the problem where they can’t save the game? The save slots just stay empty/whatever was there before. Some time ago I loaded my lvl 18 save, grinded all the way up to 25 or so, only to notice that the next time I opened the game, my autosave is still at lvl 18.

    Moreover, if I open the game on incognito mode, saving works correctly. But I would prefer them to work during normal browsing too, in case I forget to make a backup and lose my progress.

    Have you guys had similar problems? Any idea how to fix it?

  3. Random Beta Tester 1234

    Thanks for the update. And you pay much more attention (and I mean this every bit as a compliment to you) to feedback than some of the big-ish names in the interactive entertainment industry. :)


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