6 thoughts on “Fanart: EBF5 Gang

  1. alproy

    4 things matt.

    1) a lot of ppl notice already that the newgame+ dont work (no scale monsters in story + no dungeons/story medals on newgame+)

    2) can you make Pass-over holiday quest? (in jewish celender it start in the 14th in the 7th month) i already got the item idea: “MATZOT” (unfinished bread that we *the jew* ate while we were 40 years in the desert)

    3) ik its been 3 years since ebf3 steam but… can you fix its newgame+ “no lvl cap?” it wont work and i keep be on lvl 30 no matter what

    4) as you saw the speedrun of EBF4, those guys use matt only, so guss what i did: i did that thing but without the speed anddd TA-DA! everything is now easy as N0oB (12.5% lol) and battle mt.? lvl 52 matt vs lvl 16 foes/bosses AND THATS MEAN that i reached EASLY beyond world record: round 111 (could get farther but i got bored) :stars:

    1. Vigorswig

      That first part… No medals is meant to keep things in the game balanced if i remember correctly, And the scaling monster levels is likely a work in progress.


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