EBF5: Version 1.5

Hey guys, version 1.5 of EBF5 is available on Steam.
To opt-in, go to Steam Client > EBF5 > right-click > Properties > Betas > Select the other version.
I’ll set this live for everyone in a few days if no problems are found.

Here’s a list of changes:
• Added the Chinese New Year holiday quest, which includes 2 new equips and a new skill. (available 18th of Jan)
• Nerfed the Cosmic Gigalith. It no longer does damage when killed, and it has less HP if you save after beating it.
• Buffed the Evil Players, by making cheap tactics less effective against them.
• Added a new music track, used in the 1st and 4th dungeons.
• Reduced foe stat growth after level 36, so players are not punished for grinding at the end of the game.
• Fixed a bunch of minor bugs, translation errors, and made some minor balancing changes, like buffing Snow Cats.
• Someone pointed out that the audio was set to mono rather than stereo, so let me know if it sounds any better now.

This might be the last update for a few months. But I’ve got a lot of new content planned for later!

41 thoughts on “EBF5: Version 1.5

  1. vhunter

    Matt, what have you meant by nerfing gigalith? Did you remove his last ultimate attack? If so, I suggest to return it, but restrict to epic difficulty.

    1. CoffeeUser

      Yeah. I had to try and not hit too hard in order to have sufficient turns to prepare for the doomsday. Pretty much the only thing that made gigalith a concern.

      I wish it’ll receive some sort of buff to compensate for this somehow. Like instead it charges and launches a suicidal attack at low health.

        1. CoffeeUser

          Hmm. Read what I write again. And think about it. Is it possible to write something like that without knowing what changed?

  2. PiePeter

    Wait, we weren’t supposed to use cheap tactics against evil players?
    I thought that was the entire reason why they were able to be afflicted with tired: so you could beat them more easily.

    There goes my strat for fighting God

      1. CoffeeUser

        3/4? Are you on epic? With 95% buff, heavy, stagger, enchant, weapon and armor both boosting earth. Enemy with 100 on both defense and defend status I could only deal like 1/4 (about 2 million damage at level 35).

        1. Minger

          I did 4.5 mill at lv 35 soo.
          Just give Matt as much attack damage as you can.(Soul eater, death mask, genji armor, sword medal, battle paint)

          1. CoffeeUser

            Did some maths. I built my Matt around surviving the fight so I didn’t go for max damage. With all attack gear he would get 2439 attack. (I used Balance badge too.) With my original build he has around 1389 attack. That’s not even double and if STAB had to be taken into consideration it would work in favor of my original build. I think you probably got a 2x crit. Numbers about check out that way. And that would once again confirm that STAB does not do anything for Giga Drill. (Matt fix this pls. :coffee: )

            I’m not sure how to feel about Soul Eater invalidating most other swords due to the fact that it does not even need STAB to compete in damage with other swords. And the fact that armor STABs exist amplifies this even further. Sure it does make him frail but NoLegs still dies more often.

          2. CoffeeUser

            Same Type Attack Bonus. A term originated from Pokemon. In this case it refers to the “boost the damage of x attack” effects on weapons/armors.

            Some people on discord used this word for that and I thought it made sense. So I started using it as well.

  3. Belyayev's Fox

    Can you do a holiday quest for Fourth of July? I know you’re not an American, but I notice there aren’t any quests specific to Summer. I’m also okay with quests revolving around St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving if you’re okay with it. :smirk:

    1. HamFantasy

      4th of July is nationality specific, while St. Patricks day and Chinese New Year and the somewhat less celebrated ones are celebrated by a wide amount of people from many different places.

  4. RockOwlGamer

    while I don’t mind new weapons and holiday quests, I would like to see Neon Vahlhalla maybe nerfed a tad or at least reduce its heal rate to two turns so that way I feel like I’m making progress with it

    I killed every other optional boss with enough work but NH is just a pain

    and you made the evil clones even more of a pain to deal with? why? Matteus was hard enough, the only way I was able to beat him was poisoning him with virus and keeping everyone alive, now you buffed him………..that aint good

    God is already hard enough

      1. CoffeeUser

        I used Lance with Heavy Claw and other damage boosting equips you mentioned aside from the armor which was Camo Jacket instead. Works wonders and deals 900k damage per hit at peak.

        1. CoffeeUser

          Oh, without the sword medal since you get that after the fight. With that you can potentially get 1M damage I think. Evil Matt is immune to stagger so I don’t think a 2x crit is possible. (And of course the skill used is Big Bullet.)

  5. Dewayne

    Man, my first run and the demonic guys were hard as hell, they didn’t need a buff fer sure. About to beat God cat, not sure how to go about it. Amazing game so far. Didn’t think I would enjoy the capturing part of the game but you blew me away man. It feels so good to get em, when that box stops shaking. And i’m glad i bought the game, seeing as how yer still expanding on it. Spoiler Alert: If you change yer computer game clock you can get equips that are normally out of reach. Not sure yuh care but I do like how you added that factor in. End Spoiler.
    One thing to note is how many people are annoyed that upgrading equips forces you to capture monsters again. The ones used aren’t good in battle so i kinda understand it but for min/max kinda people it’s annoying. There are a lot of monsters that you can jsut wet and lighting or ice them too. Like a lot. And yuh did it again with the equips, yuh get them way after yuh need em. I understand there has to be good pickups as yuh go along so that’s fine. But there were a couple times where i was jsut like, really.. couldn’t give that ta me a battle ago? :D I managed tho, an it’s such a good game, i can’t believe you charge so little for it honestly. This game is worth AAA status money man. And if you upped the price i would buy it again jsut ta help yuh out. Yer awesome. And thank you.

  6. Sunny li

    For the New year quest, the body of the new npc JIN when facing up(the backside of the body) is missing, just a reminder

  7. Sike Mack

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I only received one new equip for completing the quest, so I’m wondering if that’s a bug or just a typo.

    1. The Local Noob

      I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure you get one equip from the quest, and another from the shop, as with the Halloween and Christmas quest.

  8. chieftain486

    I’d like to suggest a new type of weapon for Anna and Natz: empty bow and empty staff. The idea is to put one of the captured creatures into the weapon, so it would do the same damage or effect to foes. As an option, said creature may last only one fight and must be replaced after the battle – it will force player to capture foes again and again. :stars:


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