A Breeze From Home Remix Contest

A Breeze From Home composer Phyrnna and vocalist Troisnyx are hosting a Remix Contest on Newgrounds.

  • The winner will receive an EBF5 Steam Key and a copy of the EBF5 Original Soundtrack
  • The runner up will receive an EBF5 Steam Key

They are looking for a remix/cover that

  • is between 2min 30sec and 8min in length
  • is a new piece of music
  • incorporates the original vocals from the track
  • can be recognized as a remix/cover of the original
  • abides by Newgrounds audio rules

The deadline for submissions is on January 31st 2019 at 23:59 GMT.

Full set of rules and information can be found here.

9 thoughts on “A Breeze From Home Remix Contest

  1. alproy

    hello Matt! i said befor (but you probably didnt see)
    the newgame+ is DEAD: you wont get medals of epic battles in the dungeons, or epic battles in the story mode
    and also the foes still doesn’t in your lvl as you prograss in the story in newgame+ (lvl 36 vs foes in av. of 20)

    some ppl suggest its just to much easy so it is like that but I want answers about why u did it and if you cant say that, just say you’re going to fix it or delete it

    im counting on you Matt! i like the newgame+ so pls fix it!

    also: does it mean there are even MORE musics? :D

  2. Crash

    Sounds awesome! I only have Audacity as far as software goes and I already own the soundtrack and the game so I probably won’t win anything but i’ll see if I can put in an excuse to try this a little.

  3. Lancelot

    I can’t wait to hear that
    I was so hyped with the music when i encoutered the boss ( no spoils )

    And the battle too was… should i say… «epic»

    But i was a little dissapointed that there is not a gallery with music like in the previous games
    (Exept for the first and the second (though im not sure about it for the second»»))
    I can imagine why but still…

  4. Beehawk

    I kinda want to enter this, but I know jack shit about remixing. At the same time I’m regretting not at least trying.



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