Christmas Giveaway Results

I’ve emailed out 10 Steam keys for EBF5, and the competition is now over.
Enjoy your Holidays, everyone!

Here’s some fanart from Ghostserexi, and the winning comments:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Matt, Ronja and Phyrnna.
I hope you will have wonderful holidays without worrying about work.
My first Christmas as a dad is fast approaching!
I have never played an EBF game, so hey, maybe this’ll be my first?
i love that game than my life
My girlfriend leaves me but I got EBF5 so it’s OK
Plz show Natalie Bobs and vagene.
Sorry for all the spam you’re reading through.
Im currently stuck in a car, please give the key
i like sponge


11 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway Results

  1. RealShadowCaster

    ❓ – How was Xmas ?
    :stars: – It was great ! I was stuck in my car but Matt gave me the key so I spent an epic couple of days in it.
    :wut: – In it ? You mean in the car ?
    😐 – Yep.
    :wut: – Didn’t you call for help ?
    :smirk: – I sure did, Matt gave me the key.
    :wut: – And you stayed in the car because ?…
    :yay: – Because I had the key, of course. Why would I want to leave the car ?
    :ooo: – Err, and what about frost bites ?
    :shades: – No worries, I used Xmas costumes, thanks to the season. Lightning strikes where harder to deal with though.
    :scared: – Sure… Gotta go.
    :smirk: Got yourself a key too, eh ? I understand. Be sure to have plenty of coffee and you shouldn’t stay dead for long. Epic Xmas to you.
    :sick: …Runs away…

  2. Futakoi

    Woah I didn’t expect that I can get the key with some random thought :love:
    I found the post pretty late. Therefore, I just wanted to leave some funny things for you to laugh :hurray: Guess now I have to write another promote post for the ppl in my country :smirk:
    Merry christmas Matt!

  3. Altarius

    I just thought about the comment which would have got me a key (probably):

    I’m a sick fück, I want the key luck

  4. BekiloGod

    Can i buy a EBF5 steam key with an amazon gift card? I can buy it the other way so if there is a way pls tell me. 😥


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