26 thoughts on “Fanart: EBF5

  1. littlemrdoom

    speaking of bugs, i’m not sure if you fixed it, but there was a bug in the lancealot fight where half his debuff did not work, i couldn’t summon, but my equipment’s auto abilities still worked.

  2. alproy

    soo…. does it means in the weakend you’ll finish this newgame+ thingy or… just minor bugs and the newgame+ will be fixed in more couple weeks? :?:

  3. Metalslug27

    Hey Matt, weird question about characterization, what accents do you imagine your characters to have? Im american, so Ive always heard them in my head with american accents, but Im sure thats wrong. First time I really thought about this was when Lance asked if it was “Time for a Fag break” and, being american, I had never heard this term before (though I grasped its meaning pretty easily) and from that point forward I started hearing most of your characters as brits. Do any of them have any particular cultural proclivities? I figure that Lance would appreciate the germans at the very least.

    1. alproy

      lance: probalbly a german guy (after all he’s fashist)
      anna is probably british girl beacuse she never say bad things (aka “rotten potato” as a bad word)
      abute matt i think he’s amarican and abute natz im not sure
      and noleg is just a catkindom acent :hurray:

    2. StuffyKnows

      Well, Anna has the Kansei dialect in the Japanese translation, which is basically the Japanese equivalent of the “hillbilly” accent, so take that as you will. Matt also calls a foe a “dafty” in EBF4, which is Scottish/Northern England slang for a fool or crazy person.

  4. banjo upton

    1. I don’t know what you mean by Matt telling you specifically, as he told anyone who would listen on one of his blog posts
    2. The purpose was not unknown, he said that he simply ran out of time/couldn’t be bothered. However he may add it in post release DLC, or free updates
    3. No offense, as you may not be a native english speaker, but please do take the time and effort to spell correctly; It’s “about” not “abute”, it’s “between” not “betwin”, it’s “turns” not “terns”, it’s “weekend” not “weakend”, it’s “probably” not “probalbly” (though you later got this correct) , it’s “fascist” not “fashist”, and it’s “purpose” not “purpos”. Again, if English is not your native tongue then I’m deeply sorry, I know it’s difficult to learn it at first.

  5. banjo upton

    Oh right; I’m an idiot. My deepest apologies towards Matt Roszak, that wall of text was meant to be in reply to Alproy’s latest comment.

  6. TyloThorn

    Is it just me, or do they look insanely High and Drunk… and need to visit the orthodontist…?! Lance looks okay i guess… but i just feel sorry for Anna… :cry:
    I don’t mean to be a prick… but just closing their mouths… i think it would look good if they did.

    1. vhunter

      JohnDeRivas, what do you mean by “SHOW SOME PEOPLE WHO FINISHED THE GAME”? And why do you need them? Do you need Youtube walkthrough or just talk to person? Do you need person who have beaten final boss at some specific difficulty or got 100% achievements? (I have no YT vids, since my laptop is garbage, but I have 100% achievements and can help you with something through discord)

        1. vhunter

          JohnDeRivas That’s just rude! :mad:
          Also, how you expect Matt (if you tried to ask him) to answer you, if it is hard to understand what you meant and you don’t want to explain it?

  7. Mep

    I’m sorry, I didn’t know where I should ask this, but: How do you access the soundtrack for EBF5 after you have bought it on Steam?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      It’ll be in the game’s installation folder, but you can also go to the top of your games list on Steam, and select to show “music” instead of games.

  8. Shraderc.inc

    Hey friend, i just wanted to post this here but i saw your morse code messages in the depths of the first item shop. First of all, creepy, second of all, cool.
    any way here they are
    Pizzagate is real (i have no idea what this means i guess its like a conspiracy like watergate)
    Welcome to die (this is said twice by the new shopkeeper and one of the underground cultists
    I am error (popular line)
    how can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t (said by what is probs the cult leader, probs a mantra or motto of sorts)


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